Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today on Kresta - June 8, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on June 8

4:00 – Jesus and Money: A Guide for Times of Financial Crisis
Widespread unemployment. Record home foreclosures. A vulnerable stock market. Government bailouts. In the wake of a sobering global recession, many Christians realize they need to rethink their approach to money. Here, respected New Testament scholar Ben Witherington III explores what the Bible does--and doesn't--say about money. He clearly and concisely examines what Jesus and his earliest followers taught about wealth and poverty, money and debt, and tithing and sacrificial giving to helps us understand the proper role of money in modern Christian life. Along the way, he critiques the faith promise and health-and-wealth approaches to these issues, showing what good stewardship of God's possessions really looks like. Church study groups, pastors, church leaders, students, and all who are concerned about making sense of money in a world of economic uncertainty will value this book.

4:40 – Ave Maria Radio “Shroud Tour”
Ave Maria Radio is proud to present Russ Breault in five exclusive presentations highlighting the Shroud of Turin. Russ takes a fascinating look at the forensic evidence for the Shroud of Turin being the real burial cloth of Christ. Is it the image of crucified Christ? Is it authentic, or is it history's greatest hoax? Join Russ in this fascinating journey at a one of the five locations near you! Presentations in the Detroit Metro area to take place each day next week – June 15 – 19.

5:00 – Kresta Comments

5:20 – CBS News: “Church Ousts Nun Who OK'd Abortion to Save Woman” – We get the Truth From a Canon Lawyer
In late 2009, an abortion took place at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix after a hospital ethics committee deemed the abortion necessary to save the life of the mother. Sister Margaret Mary McBride, the hospital’s vice president of mission integration, was a member of the committee that made the decision and has since been assigned new duties. The hospital has defended its decision, while Bishop Thomas Olmsted warned that Catholics who formally cooperated in the abortion were automatically excommunicated. That led to nationwide headlines like “Church Ousts Nun Who OK'd Abortion to Save Woman.” We get the real story from canon lawyer Michael Dunnigan.

5:40 – Israel and Palestine: What Does the Just War Theory of “Proportionate Response” Really Mean?
The last three times Israel has taken military action, international commentators criticized the country’s use of force as “disproportionate.” During the recent flotilla incident, the Israel-Hezbollah war in 2006, and the Gaza War of 2008-09, officials from the United Nations, the European Union, and several countries used that word to describe Israel’s military actions. Coverage in the press was similar — one newspaper columnist, for example, criticized the “utterly disproportionate ... carnage.” The phrase originates in Christian just war theory. But what does it really mean in context of the Christian teaching? Keith Pavlischek is here to explore that question.


  1. Your are always making sure Isreal is protected.Isreal is vastly superior to the battered people they keep in the shamefull gaza ghetto.If you and your audience ever knew how the people in that ghetto suffer.But like our vastly superior military-that you also protect-the siffering of the military blockaded Iraqis means nothing.As long as the republican controlled bully armies are seen as righteous is all you ever care about.You are just like your evangelic partners.Whatever the us and Isreal do is always right.This is certainly not the roman catholic way.It is the merging of conservative catholics with republican american protestants....rob

  2. Al,

    Your interview with Keith Pavlischek nailed it, as did the cartoon with the shark of a few days back. The subterfuge behind the so-called "peace/humanitarian flotilla" is completely transparent, and was designed to create a confrontation so as to score propaganda points. Same old strategy, except this time it was at sea.

    What I don't understand is how the world wide empathy for the victims of the Holocaust has given way to the virulent, modern day anti-semitism we seem to see almost everywhere these days.