Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Again with the Olbermann theme that all conservatives and those that disagree with the President are racist. No mention that the Republican Party and Tea Party Leaders denounced in no uncertain terms the use of the n-word. As I type this Joe Biden muttered to the President with an open mic ON STAGE at the Health Care Bill signing ceremony "This is a big f#&*ing deal." With all the majesty of the moment, that's what Biden came up with? Why do I have a feeling Olbermann will not have a "Special Comment" tonight on the VP's offensive language?


  1. keith is much more aligned with the legacy of john paul the great on issues of war,torture,and the entire irag/afghanstan insanity then pro-death catholics.Keith has superbly uncovered the lies,deceit,and true agenda of the bush/masonic /dynasty that sadly catholics cling to because they claim to support pro-life issues.If you had only listened to him and john paul,the blood of thousands of innocents would have been spared.Keith has shown the horror of torture.While sadly kresta and arroyo,bring out cia officials to excuse cruel and inhumane torture.Sadly keith is pro-choice and pro gay.But he is more catholic then republican war supporters and more catholic then most pro-lifers on social and moral issues..elliot

  2. All life is sacred.not only the american unborn.Try to think of the innocent iraqi babies,born with horrific birth defects because our smart and blitz bombing has poisoned the food and water supply.Try to imagine how many more innocents will be killed if you continue to support the war promoting agenda of pro-death catholic media men like the ones we are saddled with now.Try listening to keith...you might learn something. elliot

  3. Yet again, elliot lobs the same old bombs but refuses to come on the air and debate these issues. Despite my numerous invitations for you to have a full segment as a scheduled guest, you continue to hide. Now I know you are a coward elliot. And I know you do not have the courage of your convictions. This will be the last time we respond to you unless you can be a man and defend your assertions. I await your call. 734-930-3164.

  4. Mr. Kresta, have you considered asking Mr. Olbermann to be a guest on your show? That would probably be a classic interview.


    Matthew Wade

    P.S. - Has he ever responded to you?

  5. Wade, its not the right kind of show.
    Kresta is not Morton Downey Jr or Phil Donahue show. Its a Cahtolic show and its very hard to debate those who would mischaracterize your positions and stoop to very low levels to do such and retain your composure and yet not waste everyones time in explaining away many sophist and mean spirited attacks. I dont see Al as having the time,willingness or appropriate temperment to successfully deal with this kind of bombastic propagandizer. Certainly its not the right kind of show for it.

    Dont wrestle with a pig. You have to roll around alot, you get muddy and when its all done, the pig liked it.