Monday, March 1, 2010

From tragedy to farce: the Tehran Symphony on Peace and Friendship

Music might not be the best diplomat.

"Late last month — around the time the Iranian government executed two more political prisoners, charging nine others with waging war against God, a capital offense — the Tehran Symphony Orchestra was sent on a government-sponsored tour across Europe, which just ended this week.
It played the so-called Peace and Friendship Symphony, by Majid Entezami, a four-movement jeremiad of martial bombast and almost unfathomable incompetence and silliness, originally performed, according to Tehran Times, last February in Iran to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the revolution. It has been retitled for this occasion."

The New York Times continues the story. Be assured: this is not the Soviet Union exporting the Bolshoi Ballet or even the Peoples Republic of China bearing gifts of Panda bears,

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