Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Accountability in the Church

Why is it that secular corporations whose prime objective is financial return on investment are governed with greater scrutiny and accountability than the Catholic Church whose objectives transcend mere mammon and reflect the spiritual and moral judgments of God?

Maybe the question presumes a state of affairs that is false but, on the face of it, sounds plausible to me. An opinion piece in Business Week argues the case.  As a Catholic, former pastor, president and CEO of an apostolic non-profit who has written and interviewed widely on the sex abuse scandal I've asked similar questions and would welcome any conversation. I'm interested in canon, civil, criminal law as well as Scripture, theology and Tradition and especially how an episcopal polity can best serve the people of God in a society where accountability is exercised by elections, independent legal investigation (political) and consumer choice and warrantied goods and services (economic), etc.

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