Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Monday night it was the Republican Party that was caught in the crosshairs of Chris Matthews, which he accused of being too "narrow." Well on Tuesday's Hardball, the MSNBC host turned his sights on Fox News and charged that on their airwaves "there's absolutely no debate" for the past year on  Fox about the health care bills. Surely you jest. I am no great defender of Fox, but that statement is patently ridiculous. Has Chris Matthews watched Countdown with Keith Olbermann. THAT'S a show that refuses debate. He just refuses to engage the other side. No Republicans, no conservatives, no debates between guests. NEVER. EVER. Let the network with no sin cast the first stone...


  1. THERE is no debate on kresta in the afternoon.Their is never any oposition to the pr0-death/protestant/catholic agenda.When a caller trys to remind catholics how the protestant kresta has betrayed the words of john paul the great and his abhorrence of the american war machine kresta and his guests love and rever,they are quickly silenced and ridiculed.stop pretending to be fair.stop pretending to be pro-life are th non-debaters..elliot

  2. Eliot, I have already responded to this line of thought in another post. I have reprinted it below. If you would like to take the argument forward, I'd be glad to dialogue on it. If, however, you intend to make essentially the same posting over and over again, we may be forced to suspend you posting ability. Let's talk and not just keep repeating the same argument and not backing it up.

    Thanks for writing although I don't understand your persistent distortions.

    Who are you describing? I reject the use of torture based on the CCC and other magisterial documents. Try listening to my interviews with Fr. Joseph Koterski and Dr. Kevin Lee and Fr. Brian Harrison if you want to hear serious Catholics work through this application of Catholic moral teaching.

    On Afghanistan, you are also simply mistaken. JP II declared that the attack upon the Taliban fell under the criteria of a just war.

    Further, I have almost always opposed blockades as a tactic on the grounds that the poor are the most hurt and the wealthiest are the least hurt in such action. Military historians, however, are divided on their efficacy which is a different question than that of morality.

    You must be confusing Kresta in the Afternoon with some other program or you're just more interested in political theatre than truthtelling.

    Try again but each time I hear from you it's like receiving a hairball some cat has coughed up. The shape is a bit different than the last one but all the same hairs are wierdly intertwined, tapped down and molted together.

    - Al

  3. Elliot,
    I've thought of a new way of giving you a hand up. How about joining me on the air and we can have a debate which I assume even you would like.

    I doubt you will take it because I see you more as a lurker lobbing blivets into perfectly decent conversations. But you've called for debate, debate it will be. Call Nick at 734 930-3164 for pre interview. Maybe we can sort some of this jumble you keep preseenting out.