Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andrew Breitbart's Greatest Outbursts

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. Example below.


  1. Mr. Kresta, I'm not too young for this video, but you may want to preface this video with a warning about the explicit language at the beginning. Its only my humble suggestion.


    Matthew Wade

  2. Breitbart has been viciously and unfairly attacked ,repeatedly, for his straitforward and honest reporting and exposes of issues that are the darlings of the media, liberals and progressives. How about reporting that Mr Kresta?

  3. Whether or not Breitbart has been "viciously and unfairly attacked" is up for debate. The point of the video is that, no matter his manner of reporting, utilizing rudeness and degradation for the sake of "winning" in an argument is, frankly, pathetic, as well as a signpost of intellectual/moral weakness.

  4. Breitbart's style is sadly infecting Fox news with programs like "Red Eye" which only succeed in turning off Conservatives and hopefully all who call themselves Christian. Those who improperly wield the Truth end up making problems bigger and more polarized.

    Why would a Christian ever approve of the way Andy speaks of his opponents? The statement above the video is absolutely true.

  5. RB,

    I’m neither a liberal nor a progressive and I find his behavior repugnant. It surprises me that you would think such public outbursts increase our ability to solve the many problems we face as a nation.

    I’ve spent nearly 25 years in radio and print and have done my on-air share of investigations and exposes
    of bogus religious leaders,
    my work exposed the MSM careless, even malicious, distortion of Operation Rescue’s Summer of Mercy campaign in Wichita for which I received considerable public notice in Detroit and some across the nation.

    I helped expose the Hemlock Society’s then president Derek Humphrey’s abandonment of his second cancer ridden wife Anne to die alone with her suicide bag for which I received some national attention.

    For years I’ve cooperated with Media Research Center and, in earlier times, Accuracy in Media. I’ve also contributed to the work of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and greatly appreciate Bill Donahue.

    I have also cooperated with Mark Crutcher’s efforts to publicize Planned Parenthood’s advice to underage girls seeking abortion and PP’s common neglect of calling the proper state authorities in cases of statutory rape and much more.

    In all of this, by the grace of God, I’ve never had to treat those with whom I disagreed with contempt. I try to adhere to the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on calumny, slander, gossip, and detraction.

    I don’t always succeed but I am not going to celebrate the inane antics of those who believe that contempt, rudeness, and trash talk are legitimate reportorial devices. They aren’t.

    I appreciate your conviction and willingness to write but our heroes are quite different and maybe the virtues we strive to live by are also different.



  6. Al, your post put a mouthful into my mouth.
    >'It surprises me that you would think such public outbursts increase our ability to solve the many problems we face as a nation.'
    >'but our heroes are quite different'.

    Certainly alot of between the lines reading into my small statement. However, let me remind you that the enemies of Christianity also take target at the 'Right' or conservatism. Insults, antagonism and false accusations are frequently directed at Christians and their mostly secular political counterparts from the 'Left'. I dont know if Breitbart is Christian , I dont presume to know. However, I think it unfair to show a person responding to those who are most likely antagonizing him without any context to the atagonsim. Very unbalanced as was the content of the video; Double entendres aside.
    In some ways the video as a stand alone bears false witness.

    Sarah Palin on the other hand is too smart or too Christian to sucuumb to even more strenuous antagonization. She has my admiration. But both of these people are human beings who are under vicious attacks, fearful and frivolous lawsuits, lies made about their character and integrity. Personally under such a situation I dont think I'd fare as bad as Breitbart, but certainly not as well as Palin. Yes, Breitbart loses great quantities of integrity in this video, but the video without proper context, and not being a humor piece, is unfair.
    I would expect this from someone who is conservative but striving to present themselves as being apolitical to some extent. But I do know your motivation, he is to be knocked down as a hero. Whats next, non-contextual police behaving badly video? or even Bill Donohue by some small or occasional chance losing it. I'm not serious, but trying to make a rather small point. My heroes are Catholics thank you, amongst others doing the Lords work in the field, and I'm a big fan of the show.

  7. RB,
    If I thought Breitbart was simply getting caught unawares, that he had been ambushed I would be sympathetic. But this is part of his crafted persona. Bill Donohue has occasionally lost it (read his story in Moments of Grace) and heaven knows I lost it with a Muslim scholar the week of 9-11 and at times with less justification. But there is a new breed of conservative commentator and media entrepreneur who treasures crass as direct and irreverent as earthy. This is not progress from my point of view.
    Thanks again

  8. I've been a listener of Al Kresta since 1988 and "Talks From The Heart". He's about as even-handed as they come. He's interviewed Mormons, Muslims, pro-abortion, liberal, conservative, etc. He is absolutely courteous to his guests. He's a class act. He once said--words to live by, by the way--true emotional maturity is to articulate your opponent's position in such a way that they will agree with what has been said. I once cited that on my humble blog and got kudos for it.
    Al says it how it is--a steady stream of the rant-o-mania comes off sounding about as profound at Howard Stern. I can barely tolerate Mark Levin sometimes. Much more effective is Rush Limbaugh's insouciance--drives the liberals berserk.
    Is it kosher to cite names?