Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - May 9, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 9

4:00 – North Carolina Voters for Overwhelming Vote in Favor Of Marriage Protection Amendment
The overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage constitutionally as only between a man and woman is an unequivocal reminder that gay marriage remains unappealing in almost all parts of the country, even as its support grows overall nationally. North Carolina voters made their state the 31st state to enact a constitutional amendment defining. The vote of more than 60% in favor of the amendment was an overwhelming endorsement of traditional marriage in this critical swing state. We talk with National Organization for Marriage Cultural Director Thomas Peters.

4:20 – Suit Filed Challenging HHS Mandate On Behalf of Legatus –Nation’s Largest Organization of Catholic Business Leaders
The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced yesterday that it has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the HHS mandate, on behalf of Legatus, the Nation’s largest organization of top Catholic business CEOs and professional leaders. The purpose of the lawsuit is to seek a court ruling that permanently blocks the implementation of the HHS Mandate requiring employers and individuals to obtain insurance coverage for abortions and contraception on the grounds that it imposes clear violations of conscience on Americans who morally object to abortion and contraception. We talk to Thomas More attorney, Erin Mersino, lead counsel in the case.

4:40 – Priests for Life Youth Outreach
The Priests for Life Youth Outreach / Stand True Ministries exists first and foremost to glorify God. They stand for the protection of human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death. In order to change hearts and minds they are committed to educate, equip and activate young people to stand up and be a voice for their generation. Director Bryan Kemper is here to share his mission and give a brief update on Fr. Frank Pavone.

5:00 – The HHS Mandates and Catholic Universities
These are challenging times for a Catholic university president with expertise in constitutional law and a penchant for standing his ground. In the wake of his 2010 appointment as president of The Catholic University of America, John Garvey made headlines — and even provoked a lawsuit — when he called for a return to single-sex dorms on the Washington campus. Now Garvey is making waves as he takes an increasingly public role in the fight to repeal President Obama’s contraception mandate. President Garvey is with us to discuss the mandates.

5:20 – Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally: Take 2
The first time out we had more than 140 cities and over 65,000 participants, and this time we will top those numbers. It’s the second National Day of Protest Against the HHS Mandates and will be Friday, June 8. We will again gather in cities across the United States to rally in defense of religious freedom and stand up against the HHS Mandate. One of the organizers, Eric Scheidler, is here to discuss it.

5:40 – Good Girl Comeback
Chelsea Gheesling describes herself as a “real-life ‘good girl’”. Though she says she is far from perfect, she was blessed to hear a very important message at a young age….living a Good Girl lifestyle is the only way to true happiness and fulfillment. From that moment on, she was on a mission to be a “good girl” and bring as many as possible with her. She now has a ministry called “Good Girl Comeback” and joins us today along with two girls who have gone through her program.

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