Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - May 10, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 10

4:00 – Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins
Did Muhammad exist? It is a question that few have thought—or dared—to ask. Virtually everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, takes for granted that the prophet of Islam lived and led in seventh-century Arabia. But now, Robert Spencer reveals the shocking contents of the earliest Islamic biographical material about the prophet of Islam. Now he uncovers that material’s surprisingly shaky historical foundations. Spencer meticulously examines historical records, archaeological findings, and pioneering new scholarship to reconstruct what we can know about Muhammad, the Qur’an, and the early days of Islam. The evidence he presents challenges the most fundamental assumptions about Islam’s origins.

5:00 – The Fatal Cult of Antihumanism
There was a time when humanity looked in the mirror and saw something precious, worth protecting and fighting for—indeed, worth liberating. But now, we are beset on all sides by propaganda promoting a radically different viewpoint. According to this idea, human beings are a cancer upon the Earth, a horde of vermin whose aspirations and appetites are endangering the natural order. This is the core of antihumanism. We talk to Dr. Robert Zubrin about the “fatal cult” of antihumanism.


  1. Thanks for keeping this pathethic fear and war mongering towards our new public enemy Islam.You must ask did John Paul the great ever exist? You certainly never cared to honor his Papacy by continuing to host Robert Spencer and his rabid anti-catholic rhetoric.Pope John Paul would have nothing to do with this non-sense...Elliot

  2. Hour 1 isn't downloading. It says file doesn't exist. :(

  3. I was very disappointed in your full acceptance of Dr. Zubin's assertions related to Rachel Carson and DDT use. His assertions that (1) DDT use was banned unilaterally and (2) that this purported end of DDT use resulted in the loss of millions of live are completely off-base. DDT use was not banned from use as an anti-malarian agent. DDT was indeed banned for agricultural use, but continues to be used world-wide for disease vector control. Dr. Carlson argued that overuse of DDT as disease vector control would lead to resistant mosquitoes, and she was right.

    I would trust a marine biologist on this issue quite a bit more than an astro-physicist.