Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spanish bishop says dogs get more charity than the unborn

(EWTN) Bishop Xavier Novell of Solsona, Spain said that locals pay rapt attention to mistreatment of animals yet remain silent before the massive number of abortions that take place in the country.

In a pastoral letter issued on May 6, Bishop Novel noted an incident several weeks ago when a dog was shot by a Catalonian official. The reaction in the media was resounding and immediate, “with calls for resignations and even legal action,” he said.

“I couldn’t resist posing a question: When the chilling figures on the number of abortions in Catalonia are published each year, how is it that everyone is silent? Do not the lives of thousands of unborn children eliminated with impunity have value?”

“Could it be true that animals have just as many or more rights than persons? What’s going on in this country?” the bishop asked.

Bishop Novel went on to say that the “moral relativism of our culture scorns and condemns those of us who dare to say that abortion is a crime and describes us as backwards, misogynists, old-fashioned and anti-democratic.”

“People don’t want to hear that there is a moral obligation to defend the innocent and pursue criminals.  Their criteria for discerning what is good and what is evil is perverse: what the majority considers good is okay, what the majority wants to exercise without obstacles is a right,” he said.

“It must be said clearly and very firmly that abortion is a crime, one of the most terrible and abominable of humanity,” the bishop emphasized.

“It is the murder of the most defenseless, of one’s own offspring. We have to say this without fear.”

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