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Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - May 4, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on May 4

4:00 – 6:00 – Direct to My Desk
We cover a number of topics on today’s direct to my desk, but you can call with any question that is most important to you. We’ll discuss a question many are asking: Is Mitt Romney’s Mormonism an issue? We look at the 2nd major Notre Dame scandal in 2 weeks. We talk about Pepsi giving in to a long boycott. And we hear about a priest who is criticizing the Bishops for their HHS stance.


  1. Dear Al, I do not know if you will read this. It seems to me that the way of Bishop Jenkins is the way of the world. I do not agree with his form of Catholic activism. It is the world's way. It is the way of the amygdala and the vagus nerve in the primitive areas of the brain associated with emotional social learning and detecting danger or safety. Everytime I hear fear and anger in the voice of callers and hosts I hear the influence of those structures in the formation of strategies to deal with the present conflict. These are the same strategies which the world uses all the time. It is in the use of these strategies that there is an accomodation being made to the ways of the world. The truth of Catholic pacifism is the lack of the leaders example to sacrifice as Our Lord and all of the Saints have sacrificed in that they gave up everything.
    If you want to fire up our sisters and brothers you will organize a cross-country Rosary walk and you will give up the comfort you have for the single mothers and their un-born children. If you do not see the spiritual dynamic in this form of sacrifice and how it could be used to motivate and capture the imagination of others then you are stuck in the ways of the world and compromising how our faith is to be lived. I say this with the utmost respect for the work that you have done for our faith. The next step is to go into the unknown and join with those who suffer the pain of being without the comfort and safety that you or I have.
    Now that is something I would do. Anything else is an accomodation to the ways of the world.

  2. In response to Mr. King, I would refer to his penultimate sentence and ask him if "going into the unknown" is something he is, in fact GOING TO DO. Indeed, I suspect that many of the individuals who will attend the nationwide STOP HHS MARCHES in June will be carrying rosaries, as do many who pray outside abortion mills.
    Our bishops are UNITED in defending our First Amendment Right to protect our Christian consciences and our faith. I applaud Bishop Jenkins and his strong but non-violent message, and I thank God for Mr. Kresta's generous, intelligent contributions in the media.
    My first thought after reading your letter, Mr. King, was "Where has this person been for months and has he ever been a husband or father?". No person of faith will have true comfort and safety if Caesar governs our churches and what goes on inside them. What other usurping and invasions of our privacy will follow? History has proven out the fact that once political power is held by an essentially atheistic/faith-disdaining entity (Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Totalitarianism) where religious beliefs are trumped by the States' lust for control and power, it is the faithful who are persecuted and the poorest and most defenseless who are expendable. Who's next? I pray for our nation, our beautiful Catholic Church and all Christians. and I ask you to do so also. God Bless You.

    1. Wendy, I have been a husband and father for almost 37 years. Your assessment of how a person of faith will react to the present situation is fear-based and the strategy to deal with it is not sacrificial and it is not different from the way of the world. Christians have lusted for power just as much as anybody. I have been outside of abortion mills and I have run for the past 7 years praying the rosary on every run. So, please do not make assumptions about someone you do not know. I have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years and have studied interpersonal neurobiology since 1996, so my perspective is based on education and experience. I returned to our faith after 40 years away in 2005 through the Grace of God's Love and the miracles He brought into my life. No human being talked me into returning.
      Look at history, just with WW1 and WW2 Catholics were killing Catholics because the leadership did not know how to lead spiritually. If Bishop Jenkins would accept I would love to join him on a cross-county Rosary Walk and do nothing but pray and not say another word. That is the sacrifice that is needed for conversion of hearts and to stop abortion. If you are against that then there is nothing I can do to convince you otherwise. You see, I received this idea in 2007 while running and praying the Rosary. It is not something I want to do, it is something I was told to do and it brought me from the comfortable passive protest and petition signing perspective to what you read now. Sacrificial Love is the way of Christ. Petitions, one day marches are comfortable and have no passion nor sacrifice. God Bless You also.

  3. There is strength in faithful numbers, Mr. King, and I don't see that as "passive" at all! Enough said, on my part anyway...

    1. I see you've shut the door. This happens when ideas are presented that are different from what is comfortable and safe. This is why abortion continues because of our lack of a passionate sacrificial faith which Christ modelled for us and which we have watered down due to being in the same group as the "rich young man". I am extremely sad.

  4. I'm sorry, Mr. King. This was my first crack at blogging and I'm an old lady. I really don't have the time and I agree that not knowing one's opponent (though we might find more in common than we think!) seems silly to me. I much prefer writing Letters to the Editor for newspapers. Things happen more slowly in that world and we can ponder and rewrite!
    I've been bored with most of the blogs I've seen so far and I doubt I'll be blogging in the future. It seems often to engender a contentiousness in people and I think I fell into that trap, as well. I truly apologize for offending you.
    I do consider myself to be a passionate Catholic in love with Jesus Christ and His Church, Mr. King, and I pray the Holy Spirit will help me to be a useful evangelist as I continue to grow and mature in my faith. "His Will Be Done" for both of us as we use our individual talents and gifts.
    By the way, are you familiar with Teresa Tomeo and Lila Rose? Those two are just two examples of women I consider to be very effective spokespeople for the ProLife Cause. And how about Fr Frank there is someone who HAS definitely been persecuted for his work and
    It's been an interesting learning experience and, again, God Bless you and yours.
    Wendy W

  5. PS-I should have said about Teresa and Lila, "spokespeople and TIRELESS WORKERS"...! Thank God for EWTN, AveMaria Radio, and the internet!

    1. I also hope I haven't hurt you with my comments. I would sure like to have those two women with me on a cross-country Rosary Walk for Mothers and their Children. Can you imagine with the entire EWTN family doing their shows from the road with that mobile unit they have and the amount of passion that would bring to our faith?! The possibilities just overwhelm me! God Bless You Wendy.

    2. Amen, Ron! (I don't want to address you as Mr. King now..!)
      I moved from the very coast of the Pacific Ocean to Georgia last year and a primary reason was to be close to EWTN. I would join you in Birmingham and would give you a big hug! I have envisioned the same thing as yo; with Al Kresta, Patrick Coffin, Jimmy Akin and and ALL of my other mentors in the Faith "en mass" demonstrating with enthusiasm and joy our commitment to defend our First Amendment Right to freedom of RELIGIOUS conscience. I'd be pleased to meet you there (or wherever it happens, say on the steps of the Supreme Court of our blessed Country).
      I was happy our Pope made his statement in a timely way last week concerning Catholic colleges and their ABSOLUTE responsibility to retain fidelity to the teachings of the Catechism and the Vatican.
      The Wheels of Justice, particularly in Rome, move too slowly for me, as well, Ron. May the Holy Spirit quicken the Truth to be realized by our citizens for the Sake Of His Powerful Mercy!
      I guess I'm liking blogging better than I thought...! Our Lord is full of surprises and unsuspected blessings. The joke's on me and I thank you for your generous persistence.
      I'll keep you in my prayers as we go along and check in at this "address" now and then to see if you're here.

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  7. PS-Yo! I hate it when I make type-o's!