Friday, May 4, 2012

ANOTHER Notre Dame Scandal - 2nd in Two Weeks

Faculty for LGTBQ

Notre Dame Observer Letter to the Editor
May 1, 2012

We are writing to express our support for the 4-to-5 movement and for the members of the LGBTQ community at the University of Notre Dame. We value the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of our community exactly as we do all those who are part of the Notre Dame family. As faculty and staff, we affirm that our offices and classrooms will be safe and open spaces, where anti-GLBTQ discrimination, harassment or violence will not be tolerated.

We thank the graduating students and others who have worked so hard to bring LGBTQ concerns to the forefront. Their efforts have made and will continue to make a difference. We also applaud the recent efforts of Notre Dame to create a more welcoming and safe environment for all. We encourage the University to continue its progress by joining with the City of South Bend, our sister college St. Mary’s and other Catholic colleges and institutions across the country to make the protection, recognition, and equal treatment of the GLBTQ members of our family an official part of University policy. We look forward to the day when the Spirit of Inclusion describes not just an aspiration of some, but the everyday experience of all of us who are Notre Dame.

Richard Williams
Department of Sociology

Thomas F. Anderson, Romance Languages and Literatures

Francisco Aragón, Institute for Latino Studies

Julie Arnott, Hesburgh Libraries

Charles Barber, Art, Art History & Design

Zygmunt Baranski, Romance Languages and Literatures

Katrina Barron, Mathematics

Joseph Bauer, Law School

Christine Becker, Film, Television, & Theatre

Mary Beckman, Center for Social Concerns

Tracy Bergstrom, Hesburgh Libraries

Patricia Blanchette, Philosophy

Susan Blum, Anthropology

Tatiana Botero, Romance Languages and Literatures

Kevin Burke, IEI

Joseph Buttigieg, English

Doug Cassel, Law School

Oscar Celador-Angón, Institute for Latino Studies

Annie G. Coleman, American Studies

Robert Coleman, Art, Art History and Design

Jessica L. Collett, Sociology

Brian S Collier, IEI

Jim Collins, Film, Television, and Theatre

Philippe Collon, Physics

Suzanne M. Coshow, Management

Fred Dallmayr, Political Science and Philosophy

Mary Rose D'Angelo, Theology

Michael Detlefsen, Philosophy

Jean A. Dibble, Art, Art History & Design

Bernard Doering, Romance Languages & Literature

E. Jane Doering, Teachers as Scholars Program @ NDU

Margaret Doody, English

Erika Doss, American Studies

Kevin Dreyer, Film, Television, and Theatre

Liz Dube, Hesburgh Libraries

John Duffy, English

Kathleen Eberhard, Psychology

Stephen M Fallon, PLS and English

Barbara J. Fick, Law School

Deb Fox, Law Library

Douglas A. Franson, Institute for Latino Studies

Stephen Fredman, English

Agustín Fuentes, Anthropology

Benedict Giamo, American Studies

Jill Godmilow, Emerita, Film, Television & Theatre

Robert Goulding, PLS & History and Philosophy of Science

Daniel A. Graff, History

Karen Graubart, History

Stuart Greene, English

Tracy Grimm, Institute for Latino Studies

Eugene Halton, Sociology

Stephen Hayes, Hesburgh Libraries

Richard Herbst, Law School

Peter Holland, Film, Television & Theatre

Raúl Jara, Institute for Latino Studies

Carlos A Jauregui, Romance Languages and Literatures

Lionel M. Jensen, East Asian Languages and Culture

Carlos Jerez-Farran, Romance Languages

Felicia Johnson O'Brien, Center for Social Concerns

Asher Kaufman, History and Peace Studies

Janet Kourany, Philosophy

Thomas Kselman, History

Greg Kucich, English

Stephen Lancaster, Music

Pat Lawton, Hesburgh Libraries

Anne Leone, Romance Languages

Omar Lizardo, Sociology

Neil Lobo, Biology

Cecilia Lucero, Class of 1984

Joanne Mack, Anthropology and the Snite Museum of Art

Julia Marvin, Program of Liberal Studies

James J. McKenna, Anthropology

Maria McKenna, Africana Studies

Mark P. McKenna, Law School

Sarah McKibben, Irish Language and Literature

Rory McVeigh, Sociology

Margaret Meserve, History

Christian Moevs, Romance languages

Marisel Moreno, Romance Languages and Literatures

Sean O’Brien, Law School

Sean T. O’Brien, Irish Studies

Mary Ellen O’Connell, Law and Kroc Institute

William O’Rourke, English

Jennifer Parker, Architecture Library

Jessica Payne, Psychology

Catherine Perry, Romance Languages and Literatures

Dianne Pinderhughes, Africana Studies & Political Science

Ann Marie R. Power, Sociology

Ava Preacher, Office for Undergraduate Studies in Arts and Letters

Clark Power, Program of Liberal Studies

Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Program of Liberal Studies

Robin Rhodes, Art, Art History & Design

Charles Rosenberg, Art, Art History and Design

Alberta Ross, Radiation Laboratory Emerita

David F. Ruccio, Economics

Valerie Sayers, English

Catherine Schlegel, Classics

Susan Sharpe, Law School and Center for Social Concerns

Amy Shirk, Law Library

Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Philosophy and Biological Sciences

Anne Simons, Psychology

John Sitter, English

Cheri Smith, Hesburgh Libraries

James Sterba, Philosophy

Marsha Stevenson, Hesburgh Libraries

Julia Adeney Thomas, History

Maria Tomasula, Art, Art History & Design

Steve Tomasula, English

Julianne C. Turner, Psychology

Anre Venter- Psychology

Christine Venter, Law School

Laura Walls, English

Robert Walls, American Studies & Anthropology

Henry Weinfield, Program of Liberal Studies

John P. Welle, Romance Languages and Literatures

Matthew Wilkens, English

Richard Williams, Sociology

Michelle Wirth, Psychology

Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Film, Television & Theatre

Marty Wolfson, Economics

Joseph Rosenberg, Program of Liberal Studies


  1. So I guess what it comes down to is, what someone means when they say they "value" an individual.

    Susan A.

  2. When is somebody going to yank Notre Dame's Catholic status?

  3. They already do this, do they not? They do it without HAVING to know their orientation. But I have a feeling the second wave is coming.