Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today on Kresta - August 30, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on August 30

4:00 – Church Leaders: Alabama Immigration Law “Merciless”
Alabama Christian leaders, including Birmingham’s Bishop Robert Baker, have filed a lawsuit this week to stop the state from enacting the “nation’s most merciless” immigration law, claiming it would prohibit Christians from living out their faith and the mandates of Scripture. Al has some comments on viewing immigration through the eyes of Christ.

4:40 – “The 5th Quarter”
In February 2006, young Luke Abbate accepted a ride home from a fellow student following his high-school team practice. In a severe case of irresponsible and reckless teen-age driving, the driver lost control of the car at nearly 90 miles-per-hour, spinning off a narrow road and landing in an embankment some seventy feet below. Luke suffered irreparable brain damage, and died in the hospital two days later. Following his brother's death, Jon considered giving up his football career - but knew that doing so would not properly honor the younger brother who loved and idolized him. Upon his return to Wake Forest, Jon was given the approval of head coach Jim Grobe to change his number from his long-standing 40, to his brother's number 5. And, in so doing, dedicated the new season to the memory of his brother. Nick Thomm reviews the film “The 5th Quarter."

5:00 - Kresta Comments: Earthquakes, Hurricanes and the East Coast Media

5:20 – New Studies on Cancer and Lyme Disease Analyzed by Envita Medical Center
New studies are out that show Lyme disease on the rise and a new gene which may predict breast cancer. We talk with Dino Prato of Envita Medical Centers which does significant research and treatment for cancer and Lyme disease. It is the only clinic of its kind which offers an extensive array of advanced natural treatments from all over the world under one roof. We combine these treatment options with the best of conventional medicine to offer our patients comprehensive and complete treatment programs.

5:40 – Bush Memoir / Cheney Memoir: Are They At Odds or Does the Media Need A Story?
Former Vice President Richard B. Cheney provides an unapologetic defense of the George W. Bush administration in his memoir published today, including explanations of his own decisions on contested national security and domestic policies that often come at the expense of former Cabinet members and colleagues. Those include the justification to invade Iraq in 2003, a judgment he blames on CIA failures, and the lack of support for his urging that the United States strike a Syrian nuclear reactor site in 2007. One storyline the media is picking up on is some minor variances in the Bush memoir to the Cheney memoir. Was Cheney the one making all of the decisions for Bush? Paul Kengor answers.

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