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Today on Kresta - January 6, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Jan. 6

4:00–6:00 - Top 4 Interviews of 2010
On this traditional date of the feast of the Epiphany, the staff of Ave Maria Radio is celebrating with our annual Christmas/Epiphany Party and reflecting on how we can better serve you in 2011. So on today’s “Kresta in the Afternoon” we are re-airing the final day of the countdown of the top interviews of 2010. This program aired on Dec. 31 so we know many people were unable to listen. So enjoy what we determined to be the best 4 interviews of 2010.

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  1. I attended a voter information session put on by Chris Korzen and his group at a church in Ann Arbor. I agreed with nearly every single thing he said in his public presentation. A girl sitting at the table with me was "shocked" to hear his presentation and it left her quite confused because she was a personal friend of his and understood his political stances and was not really sure how he reconciled the two. Then after the time of discussion was over he went on to emphasize how one can balance out intrinsic evils ...etc. etc... and basically focused on the "loopholes" of how a Catholic could be justified in voting for those with the most vile or moral character and plans for destruction of the innocent as long as they didn't do so because of this lack of moral judgment and IF they had something moral that they used to balance it out with. Instead of informing conscience it pretty much validated whoever you came in to vote for to begin with. For example if you came in viewing abortion as the premeir issue you would be justified in voting that way. If you came in voting against the war in Iraq you could be justified in that way. He made this abundantly clear in his question and answer time and you see the same moral flexibility (read: relativism) in Al's show. Draw no conclusions. Trust your own experts.

    I do feel Chris Korzen truly doesn't like moral evils like abortion and I do believe his intentions are ultimately good and if you are going good you should get paid for it (hence his large salary). All that said I don't think he understands what abortion is, and when you listen to the interview of Abby Johnson you see just how horrendous abortion really is and how much the wool is being pulled over the face of not only planned parenthood workers and women but also across the face of those allied with them politically like Catholics United.

    Until you hold abortion in your hands, until you see abortion on the screen, until you speak to those wounded by it or those who survive it,it's easy to play moral relativism with it. Those that get it, just can help but have their hearts be broken and they never go back to supporting it in any way shape or form. We can all pray that someday Chris Korzen holds abortion in his hands and sees the incredible weight of the atrocity that it is. An atrocity like no other that exists today and an atrocity that when corrected provides hope for all good causes like assisting the poor, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick and dying.