Monday, January 3, 2011

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Upon former President Bush's memoir "Decision Points" topping the 2 million mark in sales in the first 2 months, an MSNBC guest engages in rampant speculation as to how this could possibly be since former President Clinton's book "My Life" sold 2 million in its first 2 YEARS. Among the reasons: It's because Bush was so UNPOPULAR of course.

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  1. This might not be that outrageous of a statement. Bush had a lot of people that truly HATED him. I've got many friends that would likely fall into that category although I've tried to talk them into respecting him as a person just like I've tried to talk many people into respecting Obama as a person. Bush's book sells because he was polarizing, charismatic, a poor public speaker. He also had very positive values inline with most of the American public and this story is written from the mind of Bush rather than the bias of the media. If you want to hear the other half of the story (granted with a positive bias towards Bush) I don't think you'd find a better book to read. Not to mention I think many people would be surprised how thoughtful and profound many of the viewpoints of Bush actually are. If you review his votes on all now unpopular legislation (Patriot Act, Iraq War, Immigration, etc.) it's shocking how much support he garnered from the opposition. He was far more of a bridge-builder than many people gave him credit for. I think he was a lot more human than most prior presidents have been.