Friday, January 21, 2011

Today on Kresta - January 21, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Jan. 21

4:00 - ENDOW and St. Catherine’s Academy
ENDOW (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) is a Catholic educational program established in the Archdiocese of Denver. ENDOW brings women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in humanizing and transforming society. It utilizes small study groups, conferences and retreats to cultivate faith, fellowship and formation. Co-Founder and Executive Director Terry Polakovic is here in MI because whe was just named to the Board of St. Catherine Academy. She joins us in studio to discuss the work of ENDOW and how that ministry is a part of the mission of St. Catherine’s Academy.

4:20 – The Anglican Ordinariate Begins To Take Shape
In Westminster Cathedral, on New Year’s Day, three former Anglican Bishops were quietly received into full communion with the Catholic Church. It was not done with great fanfare, but it marks the start of something important: the Anglican Ordinariate in the Catholic Church. The Ordinariate will face many challenges and problems at first. What churches will be available for Ordinariate use? How many people will actually join this new venture? Will not the lure of old familiar things in the end prove stronger than the longing for unity with Rome and the reality of communion with the worldwide Church? What financial provision can be made for the married clergy and their families? British Catholic journalist Joanna Bogle joins us to answer some of these questions.

4:40 – Willpower is Not Enough. How to Help Yourself and Others Make a Positive Change
Jim Berlucci of the Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership will be offering a one-day intensive seminar on Willpower is Not Enough. How to Help Yourself and Others Make a Positive Change. He is here to give us a preview.

5:00 - A Survey of Exorcism In Movies
The new supernatural horror film The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins, is the latest in a long line of Hollywood films in the subgenre inaugurated by William Friedkin’s 1973 landmark film The Exorcist. Not that exorcism was unknown in movies prior to The Exorcist. But The Exorcist spotlighted the phenomenon of possession and deliverance in an unprecedented way. Catholic film critic Steven Greydanus is here to take us on a survey of exorcism in Hollywood.

5:40 – Reel Love Challenge
College students around the U.S. are invited to test their film making skills in a contest to promote an authentic view of marriage and lasting commitment. The Ruth Institute, a project of the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund, announced on Thursday its first annual “Reel Love Challenge,” which calls on students to submit 30 second videos answering the question “How is lifelong love possible?” Ruth Institute Founder Jennifer Roback Morse is here to discuss the contest.

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  1. ANY time Eutenauer's book is mentioned, it should be made clear, first, that it was withdrawn by the publisher and is no longer available, and, second, that the Father's claims about employees of abortion-providing facilities being possessed are not endorsed by the Church, and are in the opinions of many people obsessive, unrealistic, unsubstantiated, and grotesquely uncharitable. It's possible for people to be wrong without actively worshipping Satan, and the Father's claims are made without any direct knowledge of or scientific survey of the people involved. His claims are based solely on assumption and emotion-based hysteria. Catholics can and MUST do better than spread dehumanizing hate. Most abortion providers do so because they think they are doing the right thing ethically, and because they believe they are doing what's best for women and families. Calling them crazed Satanists is ridiculous, unfair, and unChristian.