Friday, September 6, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - September 6, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on September 6

4:00 – Who Are the Syrian Rebels?
Big questions loom over the debate on whether the United States should strike Syria. Two big ones are “who are the Syrian rebels? and should the United States and other countries help them?” What should you know about the rebels in Syria? A lot. And Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians, tells us.

4:20 –  Spiritual Disciplines Segment Where We Explore the Practices That Draw Us Closer to God.
Pope Francis Calls for Worldwide Day of Prayer and Fasting for Syria – Let’s Learn How to Fast Properly
Last week Pope Francis condemned the use of chemical weapons, but he called for a negotiated settlement of the civil war in Syria, and announced he would lead a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace there on Sept. 7, saying "My heart is deeply wounded by what is happening in Syria and anguished by the dramatic developments." He has spoken about Syria every day since. As we prepare to answer his call, we look at exactly what a fast is and how to do it properly. Andy LaVallee, founder of Live the Fast, joins us.
4:40 –  Lawsuits Against the HHS Mandate: Where Do We Stand?
The following statement is posted on the Barron Industries website: “Barron Industries is a family-run organization with a strong Catholic Christian foundation. Our Guiding Principle is our faith in God.”  In keeping with this guiding principle, Barron Industries filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate.  The lawsuit was filed by the Thomas More Law Center. Erin Mersino, the TMLC’s lead attorney on several cases the Law Center has already filed challenging the HHS Mandate, stated: “It’s irrational for the Government to claim, as it has been doing in these HHS mandate cases, that a business is just a shell and can have no moral fiber, and therefore a business owner must be excluded from the protections of the First Amendment in his business practices.” Erin is here to talk about the myriad of cases challenging the HHS Mandate and what she sees as the end-game.
5:00 –  Kresta Comments
5:20 –  Lift Jesus Higher: A Day of Evangelization
Lift Jesus Higher . . .Blessed John Paul II proclaimed, “Be open to Christ, welcome the Spirit, so that a New Pentecost can take place in every community! A new humanity, a joyful one, will arise from your midst; you will again experience the saving power of the Lord and ‘what was spoken to you by the Lord’ will be fulfilled.” Renewal Ministries’ “Lift Jesus Higher” is a response of the urgent call by Blessed John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis for a New Evangelization. It is a place to encounter the living Jesus Christ and an encouragement to open your hearts to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and the grace of a New Pentecost. Peter Herbeck of Renewal Ministries is here to talk about evangelization in the New Evangelization.



  1. I never realized how secular I had become as when I was in the non-catholic arena but as a Catholic I now understand how far I and the world has gone. I am thankful that there are these discussions. I try to stand up for the precepts of natural law as well as the Catholic Church.

    1. If you take the time to study the Catholic version of natural law, which is a medieval version, you'll be surprised to learn that it's little more than subjective assertions about nature and the natural whole. It's not natural at all! It's rather a collection of observations only loosely related to brute nature. It's teleological, and that is its weakness. This embarrassment must be continued because the actual structure of the Church governance depends on it.