Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Armed Guards Placed at Enfield Schools

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013
NBC Connecticut

Armed Guards Placed at Enfield Schools
School begins today in Enfield and armed guards have been assigned to schools in the district.
When students return to school in Enfield today, there will be uniformed guards carrying handguns and not everyone in the school district is happy about it.
The town has hired 18 guards to oversee security within the district. They will be stationed at the front doors and will also monitor school grounds.
The police chief said the main goal is to protect the students and teachers.
The guards are retired officers from local police departments who've all undergone training, drug screenings, psychological evaluations and background checks. They will not carry handcuffs and won’t be authorized to arrest or interrogate students.
However, reaction from some parents is mixed.

"I don't think having an armed guard is going to stop anybody if they want to get in. I think they're going to get in," Debby Miller, mother of an Enfield High School student, said.
"It's going to be a more safer community, for not only students but teachers as well," Kayla Gilbert, a freshman at Enfield High School, said.
There are reports that a petition is circulating to bring the armed security initiative to a vote. It has about 2,500 signatures.

Source: NBC Connecticut

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  1. More reactionary silliness from the same people bringing you bullet proof blackboards and kevlar inserts for childrens backpacks.