Thursday, September 12, 2013

Batwoman lesbian marriage nixed! Writers quit!

Pop culture just keeps getting uglier, sillier and gayer

Sep 10, 2013
The Christians             
Batwoman: Her wedding to the policewoman has been permanently called off.
Batwoman: Her wedding to the policewoman has been permanently called off.

Even though their audience consists mainly of aging but not maturing males, comic book superheroes have a way of reflecting cultural shifts. News broke last week that on very short notice DC Comics had cancelled Batwoman’s imminent nuptials to an NYPD policewoman – a much anticipated lesbian first in the world of publishing for the illiterate.

The two DC writers who had seen her through her engagement both quit in anger. So is DC Comics now renouncing the gay agenda? Not at all. DC says it made the call because superheroes and heroines are supposed to live tortured and lonely personal lives, not happy and contented ones. Not that lesbian relationships are a bed of roses, but most people don’t know that.

But hold on – in 1996, after half a century, didn’t DC finally let Superman marry Lois Lane? Why the hetero-normative double standard? Who knows? Both DC and its arch-nemesis Marvel comics had been broadly hinting for many years that several of their heroes were closet sodomites, and in the mid-1990s, as the gay agenda crested, they began coming out. Batwoman is the best known.

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  1. Why all the cracks on the medium? In the culture wars, please sharpen your critique to the point of your disagreement.

    1. Michael - this article is from another source. You might want to point it out to the original author.