Thursday, September 5, 2013

Christian bakers who refused cake order for gay wedding forced to close shop

Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa
A husband-and-wife bakery shop team in Oregon were forced to close their shop doors and move to cheaper digs — their home — after gay-rights activists hounded them and drove away contract business because they refused for Christian reasons to bake for a same-sex wedding.

Aaron and Melissa Klein own and operate Sweet Cakes by Melissa. In the past few months, they’ve faced heated scrutiny — some in the form of physical threats — from those in the gay-rights crowd who decried their May refusal to bake for a lesbian couple who wanted to marry.

The Kleins cited their Christian beliefs of traditional marriage when they turned down that business gig, The Blaze reported. But the lesbian couple filed a complaint with the state, accusing the shop owners of discrimination.

Since, they’ve been hounded by vicious telephone calls and emails.

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  1. Very sad. Their business, their right to sell & run their business as they like. I do not know why the couple would want to buy their services anyway...

  2. No, I don't agree. What if the owners had said that because of their religious principles they would not serve a black couple? Would you allow that? Rights, including rights of belief, are not absolute.