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Too dangerous for New Jersey

A new law against ‘change therapy’ begs questions about the high health risks of gay sex

             Aug 23, 2013, The Christians 
Gay bar: Not a recipe for a long and healthy life.
Gay bar: Not a recipe for a long and healthy life.

If you lived in New Jersey, say in Newark or Paterson, and just found out from your 16 year old that he thinks he’s gay, here’s one right you just lost: hiring a professional counsellor to try changing his orientation, even if he wanted to.

State Governor Chris Christie signed a law this week, passed by the legislature in June, making it a de-licensing offence for any professional counsellor to try changing the sexual orientation of a minor. In this regard New Jersey is the first state to follow the lead of California.

Reading more like a gay manifesto than a government statute, Bill 3371 opens with the declaration, “Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcoming.” It ascribes “critical health risks” to any therapy seeking to alter a same-sex inclination in an adolescent.

A caring parent might slip over to New York anyway

Whether or not “change” therapy actually works – a highly contested question – it’s not as though the gay lifestyle is safe. The medical hazards of homosexual sex are severe, and though rarely acknowledged, have been well known for decades.

Most homosexuals have far more sexual partners than straight men do: the self-reported lifetime totals range fairly evenly from “over 100” to “over 1,000.” Despite three decades of “safe sex” badgering, many gays – about 40 percent – continue to have anal sex without condoms, and many HIV-infected gays don’t tell their partners. Though committed homosexual relationships are not uncommon, almost none are faithful. Some 60 percent of gays are infected with the transmittable, often incurable Human Papilloma Virus. Gays are at significantly increased risk of Hepatitis A and B, often fatally harmful to the liver. They suffer an exceptionally high incidence of Gonorrhea , particularly of the anus and throat. They have very high rates of syphilis infection, and of a uniquely homosexual condition known to doctors as Gay Bowel Syndrome, leading to serious diseases such as enteritis. Many of these health risks expose them to higher rates of various cancers.

To our knowledge, the many sources for these observations have not been discredited, merely ignored. The one assertion that has been heavily challenged is that the average gay life span is eight to 20 years shorter than the male average, making it twice as harmful as smoking. Given the scarcity of data available, it may be an exaggeration; but given the lifestyle’s known medical risks, it’s even harder to believe the assurance we now hear so often, that it’s natural, normal and healthy.

Don’t believe anything the medical establishment says

Since successfully bludgeoning the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the manual of mental disorders in 1973, gays have achieved unchallenged political control over national mental health associations in the U.S. Parents can therefore ignore the dozen such organizations listed in the New Jersey bill that criticize “change therapy” as dangerous. Until they start talking candidly about homosexual health risks, they have nothing to say worth hearing.

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