Saturday, August 10, 2013

Morning Groundwork Laid

August 10, 2013 (Ypsilanti, MI) - The "Is Islam a Religion of Peace?" conference began today by laying the groundwork for the debates later. Al Kresta spoke on "The Big Difference" between Islam and Christianity, and Andrew Bieszad on "Common and Rocky Ground."

Kresta's talk began with a short YouTube video of a rap by a young Muslim woman, clarifying that we are not discussing here whether Muslims are good or bad people, but whether Islam is a religion of peace, and with a quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Islam.
Kresta began to juxtapose Islam and Christianity by presenting a conflict: "is the God of Mohammed also the Father of Jesus? ... There is no way to fit this together. Islam's reason for existence is to proclaim the utter uniqueness of God: He is no Father, and He has no Son... Muslims unequivocally deny the fatherhood of God and the sonship of Christ.”
He went on, "This is the big difference. How would Christianity and Islam answer these questions: Are human beings made in God's image? Does God establish covenants with people?.... We believe Christ images the Father and as Christians we must also image Him in our art. Islam considers this not a step forward but blasphemous."
Andrew Bieszad, in his talk again detailed contrasts between Christianity and Islam, and then outlined options for coexistence, for example, conversion of the Muslim world through Our Lady of Fatima. Formal consecration of Russia to Mary may be the way to conversion.

Problems in the West make it seem that only a miracle could save the West from Islamicization. "But Jesus is the living God of miracles.... He gave his mother to us as a great intercessor. It is she who put the crescent of Islam under her foot."

Biezsad ended by encouraging us all to petition the Holy Father to make a formal consecration of Russia to Our Lady of Fatima, and a plea for Mary to pray for us.

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