Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kresta in the Afternoon - August 21, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on August 21

4:00 – No Taxes for Abortion!
The federal health care reform law (Affordable Care Act) enacted in March 2010 requires insurance exchanges be available in all 50 states by 2014. The ACA contains a special provision allowing the states to exclude abortion as a covered benefit. In December 2012, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out bill which passed by wide margins in the Michigan House and Senate. Now a citizens’ initiative is seeking reinstate the opt-out. Karen Walcavage of Washtenaw County Right to Life is here to explain.

4:20 – Kresta Comments

4:40 – Ann Arbor to pay $7K to settle lawsuit from Planned Parenthood protester
A federal judge entered an order permanently halting the enforcement of a City of Ann Arbor, Michigan ordinance that prohibited a pro-life advocate from displaying a “Free Ultrasound” sign in his vehicle, which he parks outside of a local Planned Parenthood.  The order also requires the City to pay $7,000 in legal fees and to reimburse the demonstrator the $50 he had to pay in past fines.  We talk about this case – and others – with the attorney who argued this case, Rob Muise. e

Sh5:00 – Things Continue to Go Downhill With the LCWR
In his first address to representatives of U.S. Catholic sisters since his appointment in April 2012, the archbishop tasked by the Vatican to oversee their leadership group reportedly had little to offer regarding the reason for Vatican concern or how the process goes forward. Leaving last Thursday’s closed-door meeting between Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), several sisters said they felt frustration at the lack of detail given by the prelate nearly 19 months into his mandate. Sartain met Thursday afternoon with some 825 LCWR members, who are representatives of orders of Catholic sisters around the country. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has named the prelate the group’s “apostolic delegate” and given him wide power to revise its statutes and programs. Ann Carey, author of “Sisters in Crisis,” joins us.
5:20 – Kresta Comments
5:40 – Is the Hook-Up Culture Over-Hyped? Absolultely Not, Study Shows
Dr. Greg Popcak has been talking a lot lately about the hook-up culture among young adults. Last month, the New York Times stirred the cultural pot with their article titled, “She Can Play That Game Too.” In it, the Times reported the experience of college age women who have become the sexual aggressors in the hook-up culture, often even intentionally getting themselves drunk so that they can bring themselves to play the role of sexual aggressor. A new study from the University of Portland offers some additional perspective on the scope of the problem.  Greg is here to discuss it.

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