Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Normalizing Pedophilia 2

I have written about this before. In our growing hedonistic culture, pedophilia is in the process of being normalized, downgraded by some from a severe sexual perversion into a mere ”orientation.”
The Atlanticmainstream media!–has two articles that push us in that direction. First, “I Pedophile,” by David Goldberg–a Canadian journalist convicted for viewing child pornography–argues that his obsession with children is a “sexual orientation:”
The main query that I am convinced will always be without an answer is why I am a pedophile. It is the equivalent of trying to determine why someone is heterosexual or gay. We don’t choose our sexual orientations. If we could, believe me, no one would choose mine.
Then, he says incarceration isn’t the right approach to child porn consumers:
I am not advocating the cross-generational lifestyle. In fact, there is never an instance when an adult should engage in sexual behavior with a child. But until we as a society learn that help for those who view child pornography is a far better alternative to incarceration, we are doomed to see the continued proliferation of this problem. Scientists don’t know for certain if there is a correlation between viewing child pornography and offending against children. Wouldn’t it be nice to get pedophiles help before we find out for certain?
Cross generational lifestyle?” Watching child porn is “offending against children!”
Goldman says he is “lucky” to have been caught in Canada and given only a 90-day jail sentence. Otherwise he would have had to spend time with “hardened” criminals. But who is a more hardened criminal than someone who victimizes children?
It’s one thing for a pedophile to rationalize his perversion. It is another for ”experts” in treating the condition to claim that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. From, “What Can Be Done About Pedophilia?”
“Sexual orientation” means different things in different contexts. When they say “sexual orientation,” most people mean a sexual interest that is inborn and unchangeable. No one chooses to be sexually attracted to children, although people do choose whether they act on their sexual attractions. Therapists have been attempting to turn pedophiles into non-pedophiles for a very long time, but no one has presented any objective evidence of any enduring change in sexual interests.
Wesley Smith
The expert isn’t suggesting that pedophilia should be treated as the same as homosexuality–yet:
Scientists have more specifically called it an “age orientation.” Caution has to be used, however, so as not to confuse the scientific use of the phrase “sexual orientation” with its use in law. Because the phrase “sexual orientation” has been used as shorthand (or as a euphemism) for homosexuality, there exist laws and policies barring discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation.” These were not likely intended to refer to pedophilia.
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  1. “Pedophilia, incest and graphic sex,” is on all Washington public schools’ recommended reading list for 11th graders this September.

    Is your child entering 11th grade in September - anywhere in any of Washington’s public schools or those of any of 45 other states that have adopted the Common Core curriculum?

    Be sure to ask your 11th grader’s English teacher what books they are to be reading this year.

    “The Bluest Eye” by Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison concerns “pedophilia, incest and graphic sex” according to Mike Opelka’s August 22 column in “The Blaze.”

  2. Homosexuality went from a sexual perversion to an orientation. It was redefined by the APA in 1973. The way society is going who knows what other sexual perversion will be redefined.