Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - March 20, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Mar. 20
4:00 – Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Compete on the Game Show Network’s America’s Bible Challenge
Three religious sisters are participating in a unique evangelization effort by competing on a Bible trivia game show in hopes of supporting their community. “This isn’t something we would normally do, but when the opportunity arose, Mother (Assumpta Long) discerned that it would be good not only for the benefit of our community, but also for the New Evangelization,” Sr. Maria Suso of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist told CNA March 15. Team “Sisters of Mary” will be featured on tomorrow night’s season premiere of The American Bible Challenge, hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy on Game Show Network. Team member Sr. Maria Suso joins us to discuss the experience.
4:20 – 6:00: Direct to My Desk – The Media’s False Dichotomies In Church Reporting


  1. A familiar canard that I hear, from time to time, is that "The Catholic Church at one time taught that the Earth is flat."

  2. P.S. Another deeply-held and astonishingly inaccurate notion is that "Catholics are against stem-cell research", even though our only objection is to fetal stem-cell research.