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Planned Parenthood Patient Torture Leads to Huge Lawsuit

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Planned Parenthood receives around $540 million a year of taxpayer money. Supposedly, the majority of those funds are to be used for family-planning and women’s health, but Alliance Defending Freedom believes their primary focus is meeting their ever increasing quota of abortions. In fact, they are so focused on meeting their abortion quotas that they are placing the health and lives of the women who turn to them in jeopardy.
One of the main arguments made in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision is that by making abortion legal, it would reduce the incidence of botched back-alley abortions. Legalizing abortion would make undergoing an abortion much safer for the woman. From the growing list of reports, it seems the only thing it’s done is move the back-alley butchers into Planned Parenthood clinics paid for with our tax dollars and into other abortion clinics around the country.
Now we need to add Ayanna Byer to the list of women who have been tortured and nearly died as a result of a botched abortion and inferior medical treatment and according to their website:
“Alliance Defending Freedom is moving on a broad legal front to expose the true nature and fraudulent business practices of Planned Parenthood.”
Byer, 40, went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs to have an abortion. The staff promised her that she would have an IV anesthesia, but when they were unable to find the equipment, Byer changed her mind about getting the abortion. Undaunted by the minor setback, the staff at the clinic decided to proceed with the abortion without providing any anesthesia to Byer even though Byer continued to protest against it.
Byer lay on the table wide awake and fully aware of everything happening around her and inside of her. She said the procedure was incredibly painful. When it was over with, the doctor sent her home.
Two days later, Byer was taken to an emergency room because of the botched abortion. According to an ER doctor that treated her:

“It is medically inappropriate for a physician to remove products of conception and not confirm the diagnosis with pathology. I know of no physician or hospital that would allow the removal of a specimen of this nature and assume what the diagnosis was by just ‘looking’ at it. It is not acceptable to refer your patients to the Emergency Department and assume the on-call doctor will take care of any complications and assume all the risk associated with the complications.”
On behalf of Ayanna Byer, Doug Romero, an Alliance Defending Freedom Allied Attorney from Denver has filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Commenting on the lawsuit, Romero said:
“A woman’s life is more important than Planned Parenthood’s bottom line. What Planned Parenthood did to Ayanna is beyond the pale. They clearly put her through extraordinary cruelty and jeopardized her life. Their actions were intolerable.”
Michael J. Norton, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom is a former US attorney for the Colorado district. He also helped author the ADF report to the US House of Representatives that outlined the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds by Planned Parenthood and their affiliates. Commenting on the case involving Byer, he said:
“American tax dollars should be used responsibly and for the common good. Planned Parenthood is irresponsible and only promotes its own self-interest. That was clearly seen in what they did to Ayanna.”
Like I said, Roe v. Wade moved the back-alley butchers into the Planned Parenthood and other clinics under guise of being legal and safe. If you don’t believe this to be true, then ask yourself why a number of doctors who work for Planned Parenthood don’t have hospital admitting privileges? Read through some of the links above and you will see that’s more common than you realize. The last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi is facing closure because none of their doctors have hospital admitting privileges.
We need to support Alliance Defending Freedom with our prayers as they tackle the giant baby-killer machine known as Planned Parenthood. Their lawsuit isn’t just about Ayanna Byers, but about the horrific practices they use in killing babies and torturing women, sometimes onto death. Planned Parenthood has the backing of a huge liberal organization that prides itself on killing helpless unborn children, the Democratic Party and President Obama. This could be a bloody knock-down drag-out legal battle, but with our prayers and support, ADF can, and should, come out the victor and deal a lethal blow to Planned Parenthood.

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