Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jihad Story of the Day: Sharia in action in Belgium

Sharia in action in Belgium: Man gets four months prison for tearing up Qur'an that Muslims had just thrown at his head


The Muslims were not prosecuted. Is it a crime to tear up a Bible in Belgium? Or does this only apply to the Qur'an? An update on this story. "Belgium jails man for tearing up Koran," by Katerina Nikolas for the Digital Journal, March 14:
Bruges - A court in Belgium has sentenced a man to four months in prison for tearing up a Koran, which was thrown at his head by a group of angry Muslims. Europe News reported a man, identified only as Arne S., attended a demonstration in the Belgium city of Ostend in June 2012. Following the protest words were exchanged between Arne S. and a group of about a dozen Muslims in a cafe, who proceeded to throw a copy of the Koran at his head.  
The man reacted by tearing the Koran up in front of the group.
Olivier Ryde, Arne's lawyer, argued in the Bruges court that his client had not infringed Belgium's law on hate speech, according to Front Page Mag. Nevertheless, the court in Bruges imposed a fine of €600 on Arne S., in addition to sentencing him to four-months in prison....

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