Friday, March 15, 2013

Al and Teresa Defend the Church on FOX 2 Detroit

Fox 2 News Headlines


  1. Great job, Al. You do exactly as we all should -- and much more often.

    When was it, exactly, that men were not willing to live together with their girlfriends, without marriage vows? When was it, exactly, that men were not willing to lay down with other men?

    The present is a snob. Man in the present is given to collective snobbery about the foolishness of years gone by. It is as if people who take Charlie Langton's view believe that those passages in Leviticus or the Gospels which denounce such behaviors were written to cultures which did not know those behaviors truly, or else did not have them in wide practice. It is as though the audiences of Moses and Jesus imagined practices they hadn't actually seen, nor understood.

    Perhaps the curse of the present is the inability to imagine that it isn't the best informed source about anything, much less itself.

  2. OMG, such a great response Teresa!!! Monsignor and Al too! There are so many Charlies out there, what a great way to get their attention and to get them to realize they do not know the Church and what it represents and that they NEED TO!!
    Thank you so much! A huge fan, Theresa

  3. God bless you for your witness Theresa, Monsignor and Al. All of us need to stand up for our faith as you all did. We've been quiet for too long.

  4. Was revealing when the lawyer said a lot of people have sex before marriage, and Teresa asked the obvious: does that make it right? And the lawyer stuttered his way into no real answer, appealing again to "a lot of people think so," ignoring what she just said. Classic. Screwtapish. Al, you looked great.

  5. As I finished up watching, Al you also made an excellent point on the existence of fornication or men lying with men since forever. That places a fatal hole in what is merely a flawed, ad populum, modernism argument.

  6. Listen to the question from Monsignor, the news guy completely says things that are untrue in his question. I'm not sure if anyone caught it. Things like, the pope is a contrast, he is conservative but cares for people, he is a chemist but is a man of great faith. THESE ARE NOT CONTRAST. The very nature of the question was in error! WOW. Great job at the end, but if I were were Monsignor, I would not have let that stand and if I were Al, I would have not paid any attention to the question thrown at Al and gone BACK to the question thrown at Monsignor and said, the exact point is, these things are NOT in contrast. You want to make a bunch of poor people, let them fornicate and then look how the foster system ends up full of children. Great job though....thanks for defending our faith. Al, suggestion, get on Neil Cavuto, a guy who appears like a good Catholic and upright. I watched EWTN and his coverage of Pope Francis and Neil seemed very good. I'm a heavy Kresta listener and I know they are at the same time, but let's be honest, many of these interviews are NOT live! Keep it Ave Mario Radio and way to interupt TT and not let mr. Charlie pontificate lies.