Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" for March 6, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on March 6

4:00 – Sandra Fluke and Birth Control as a Fundamental Human Right for Co-Eds
With a six year hiatus between her undergraduate time and Georgetown Law, Sandra Fluke has had plenty of involvement with the pro-contraception agenda. A Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies major at Cornell, Fluke is also a past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. While she’s presented herself in persona a young woman suffering because of Georgetown’s policies, it’s more likely that Fluke has had her sights set on the school for quite a while. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is here to analyze Fluke’s argument that birth control is a fundamental right of co-eds that should be provided free of charge.

4:20 – Kresta Comments

5:00 – Kresta Comments

5:40 – Revitalizing Catholic Schools: Alternative Analysis and Solutions for Catholic Schools
Recently the O'Meara, Ferguson, Whelan and Conway firm sponsored a Catholic Education Symposium focused around a new White Paper entitled Revitalizing Catholic Schools: Alternative Analysis and Solutions for Catholic Schools. The White Paper presents the results of an analysis of the data gleaned from their consulting work over the past two years with over 400 Catholic schools and over 200 pastor interviews. For Catholic education to continue to flourish, we must come together as Church and provide Catholic schools with advice and counsel on the best possible use of their temporal resources as they work to further their missions. Every school is different and manifests its mission in unique ways, but there are important elements of best practices which can lead to continued success. Pat O’Meara joins us.

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  1. According to an article discussing a lecture given by David Gibson, "Journalist Sees Waning Political Influence of Catholic Church," from the Fordham University website (see link below) all Jesuit universities have accepted the "accommodation" of Pres. Obama. I quote the speaker and journalist, David Gibson:
    "When a compromise was announced on Feb. 10 that insurers, not employers, would have to provide coverage, groups such as the Catholic Health Association and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) supported it. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, however, did not, and have since denounced it."

    Gibson, whose lecture was sponsored by the Department of Theology, the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies and the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Ecucation, states that "The Catholic Church is in danger of losing its place in the American political sphere." The bishops and everyone (like Rick Santorum) who follow Church teaching are "evangelical Catholics," evidently, the latest snarky term from the Catholic left. This is the second time I have heard this term in the last two weeks, the first was Fr. Beck of CBS TV. Besides pointing out the fact that Jesuit universities have officially declared themselves approving of the HHS ruling, illogically concluding that the church is not responsible for provisions in the policies they pay for (Jesuits use to be men of reason), I also wanted to point out that Ms. Fluke attends one of those Jesuit colleges that are okay with the HHS mandate. If Georgetown does approve, was doesn't their website declare that Ms. Fluke is right and a hero? Not a word on their website, however. Have they been on the news, and I just missed it?