Friday, March 2, 2012

I Have a Say: Father John Hollowell


  1. Father Hallowell is awesome! He's a true role model.

  2. He comes across a little cavalier, but he makes some good points. :)

  3. Lara and Sam,

    The part of Fr. Hollowell's video that fails is his clumping of Planned Parenthood in with Nazis and communists. Nazis and communists killed people as a matter of government policy. Planned Parenthood, in contrast, kills babies because their mothers want them to. (Not always, but usually.)

    Also, Fr. Hollowell wisely avoids a tricky issue. Cecile Richards, daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards and former deputy chief of staff for Nancy Pelosi, is married and has three children. Cecile Richards knows what a baby is.

    Nancy Pelosi, born and raised Catholic, attended a Catholic high school and a Catholic college (Trinity College, Washington D.C., now Trinity Washington University). She has five children and eight grandchildren.

    Kathleen Sebelius, born and raised Catholic, attended a Catholic college (Trinity College, Washington D.C., same as Pelosi), and has two sons.

    Michelle and Barack Obama have two daughters.

    Cecile Richards, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Michelle and Barack Obama all know what a baby is. It's not easy for a guy like Fr. Hollowell to compete against that.

    Setting aside Fr. Hollowell's bravado and bluster, his YouTube video has almost 900 comments only one week after he posted it. That's impressive. Some of the comments are hostile, but he calmly answers many of them.

    1. I listened to the video. Here are my thoughts:

      1. Of course he has a say. The Church and men have always had a say. Women have not.

      2. The pill, being an estrogen addition to the body can increase the risk estrogen sensitive cancers, such as some breast cancers. Contraceptives does not mean the pill. There are lots of other forms that do not cause cancer.

      3. Giving birth can decrease the incidence of cancer in women. There is a definite correlation. That is where people such as Father Hollowell get the text that abortion causes cancer because it stops a pregnancy. But that’s not true if the woman has already given birth or if she brings a later pregnancy to term. This same logic would leave one to condemn the Church for causing cancer in nuns because of the vow of chastity. Should the Church teach celibate, unmarried woman who don’t want to have children to have one anyway for the health value?

      4. Enabling woman to control their bodies and plan their parenthood is a noble and holy activity. Father Hollowell should be ashamed to link that with Nazi’s and holocaust perpetrators. He is being a typical man and a typical controlling priest.

      5. Pedophile priests’ sins and crimes were certainly not acting in the name of the Church. They were sinners and criminal. This priest rhetoric is emblematic of why the Church covers this stuff up. I’m surprised that this ignorant man has not been disciplined by his Bishop. “Sacrifice?”

      6. No one is seeking to silence the Church. This man’s threat is typical of the Catholic Church of old. How many people have died over the centuries by this type of talk.

      7. None of these people are sworn enemies of the Church. As a Roman Catholic, I am disgusted by this ignorant diatribe. Going to war is not what Jesus taught us.

    2. if these people know what a baby is why do they have so little regard for the value of human life?sebelius and peiosi have come close to automaticly excommunicating themselves.nazis and communists and planned parenthood are all murderers regardless of their reasons.the Catholic church teaches the shedding of innocent blood is a crime that cries out to heaven for vengence.