Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Volatility of the American electorate

Sometimes it seems as though these last few elections are about disgust for the status quo rather than support for a clear agenda.

2006:  We hate Bush but don't trust Democrats

2008:  We hate Republicans and Democrats and Obama seems a new type..

2010:  We hate Obama but still don't trust Republicans or Democrats

2012:   ???????  Who do we hate?

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  1. Here's why we've seen the "fickle American voter" change his mind these last few cycles: Republicans lost their way during the Bush administration. They ceased following their own conservative principles and instead - well, I don't know what they were doing instead but it sure wasn't anything truly conservative. Americans as a whole are right of center, freedom-loving, government-distrusting, and pro-life. IF Republicans can return to their principles and begin restoring our nation, then in 2012 we'll see more conservatives elected to office and continue the restoration. It's up to us to keep an eye on our newly elected conservatives to make sure they do so - and remind them loudly if they start to stray! (p.s. forget about the "pro-life Democrat" - we've been Stupaked once, don't let's do it again.)