Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pat Toomey vindicated

Of all the elections none more satisfied me than Pat Toomey's election as Senator from PA. Many of us remember how Rick Santorum and George Bush supported Arlen Spector in the 2004 Republican primary. Spector was adamantly pro-choice and considered a quite plausible victor over his Democratic opponent. Toomey was adamantly pro-life and not an implausible candidate though less likely to beat the Democrat. According to the conventional wisdom, Bush supported Spector for a promise that Spector, who headed the Judiciary Committee, would shepherd Bush's Supreme Court nominees through the confirmation process. Judges Roberts and Alito were the results.

Toomey was left out in the cold in spite of his talent, convictions and believable candidacy.

Spector ended up changing parties a few years later. Sestak then beat Spector in the Democratic primaries. And then, lo and behold, Toomey whipped Sestak in the mid-term election to take Spector's old seat. It's enough to make one believe in justice. The Washington Post reports.

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