Friday, November 26, 2010

Priest's future hangs in balance after ordination comments

The future of a Western Port parish priest hangs in the balance after he went public with his view that women should be ordained in the Catholic Church.

Father Greg Reynolds, based at The Immaculate Conception church in Hastings, whose parish stretches from Somerville to Flinders, made his assertions in a homily during weekend Mass two months ago.

"I believe certain women are being called by God to the ministerial priesthood and our official church is obstructing the work of the Holy Spirit.

"I feel I can no longer sit back and remain silent," he said in his homily.

It was reported in The Age last week that he sent a copy to Archbishop Denis Hart, head of the Catholic Church in Melbourne, to save his parishioners the trouble.

A popular parish priest not known for inflammatory views, Father Reynolds came to Western Port in October last year, shortly after clocking up 30 years in the priesthood.

He did not respond to the Weekly's request for an interview and his staff said he was on leave this week.

On the St Mary's Primary School website he stated he hoped to be parish priest at Western Port "for many years". That hope may now be dashed.

Ordination of women is considered a "grave crime" on a par with paedophilia according to Pope Benedict, the head of the church.

Archbishop Hart's office yesterday declined to comment, saying the archbishop was at a conference in Sydney and could not be contacted.

Father Reynolds told The Age he expected to be dismissed from his job or even excommunicated from the Church.

Parents of children at St Joseph's School in Crib Point this week received a letter from principal Gab Espenschied briefly outlining the issue.

"Greg is a fine man and great priest and he wants to remain in the priesthood. We await the archbishop's response. Please keep Greg in your thoughts and prayers at this time," it read.

The parish office said Father Reynolds would be back to say Mass on the weekend and his future was not yet known.


  1. As a mostly convinced Catholic,* I agree with the Church's and disagree with this priest's position on Women's Ordination. Having said that, I hope God graces this man to see the error he has accepted and restore and/or keep him in fellowship with the Church.

    *There's a small part of me that wonders whether or not the Eastern Orthodox Communion can lay valid claim to the title "True Church".

  2. I object to the statement "Ordination of women is considered a "grave crime" on par with Paedophilia according to Pope Benedict". I am astounded this would appear on this blog and I can't believe This is Al Kresta's statement, yet there is no link or citing of another author.

  3. Catholics must adhere to everything in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition" - which is from the Magesterium of the Church.

    Be sure to get the "revised in accordance with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II'.

    Why don't they require Priests to read it, prior to making public statements?
    There will be no women priests, no matter what this individual seems to think is appropriate. Who elected him the head of the Church?