Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today on Kresta - November 23, 2010

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Nov. 23

4:00 – Beyond a House Divided: The Moral Consensus Ignored by Washington, Wall Street, and the Media
If you follow politics or the news, America is a country of culture wars and great divides, a partisan place of red states and blue states, of us against them. From pundits to politicians it seems that anyone with an audience sees a polarized country - a country at war with itself. In a radical departure from this "conventional wisdom," Carl Anderson explores what the talking heads have missed: an overwhelming American consensus on many of the country's seemingly most divisive issues. If the debates are shrill in public, he says, there is a quiet consensus in private - one that America's institutions ignore at their peril. From health care, to the role of religion in America, to abortion, to the importance of traditional ethics in business and society, Anderson uses fresh polling data and keen insight to show that a surprising consensus has emerged despite these debates. He sheds light on what's been missing in the public and political debates of the last several years: the consensus that isn't hard to find if you know where to look. Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, joins us.

4:40 – “Defying Deletion” in Iraq
Andre Anton is a 26-year-old Assyrian filmmaker who lost two cousins in the massacre earlier this month at the Iraqi church, Our Lady of Salvation. He recently produced a documentary, "Defying Deletion" about the violence against civilians in post-war Iraq and joins us to look at this issue.

5:00 – Fr. Barron back from Rome
Fr. Robert Barron was just in Rome at the Plenary Assembly “The Culture Of Communication And New Languages” at the Vatican. He presented on the topic “Communicating the Faith to the Next Generations: memory, creativity, and relation.” He is here to share his insights and details of the event.

5:20 – The Magdala Project: Archaeology and the Historical Jesus
Modern droughts have revealed harbors from Jesus’ time. Early 19th-century explorers, searching for places where Jesus had walked, attempted to locate the ancient harbors of the Sea of Galilee but failed. Now, after 25 years of searching and researching, they have been found. We talk to Fr. Eamon Kelly about the Magdala Project, an effort to promote this type of archaeology in the Middle East to uncover the Historical Jesus!

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