Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today on Kresta - July 29, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on July 29

3:00 – Kresta Comments

3:20 – Feast of St. Martha – Extraordinary Moms’ Network

Everyone knows the biblical story of Martha and Mary, and who made the wiser choice. But what does the story say to mothers who are busy with housework, responsibilities, children, etc.? We take this opportunity on the feast of St. Martha to talk with Heidi Hess Saxton of the Extraordinary Moms’ Network who is currently writing a book on St. Martha.
Here is a link to Heidi's website.

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – NASA: Past, Present, and Future

Jerry Woodfill has been working at NASA almost from the beginning – which was July 29, 1958. He was there for Apollo 11, Apollo 13, the Challenger and the Columbia. And he saw God’s hand in each of those events. We talk with Jerry about NASA: past, present and future.

4:40 – St. John Vianney turns 150!
“Faithfulness of Christ, faithfulness of priests” is the theme for this “Year for the Priest”. The year also marks the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, known as the “Curé of Ars” As a key contribution to the celebration, a new theatrical drama VIANNEY will launch a worldwide tour with a premiere in Houston, Texas. The play focuses on the question, “What is a "priest?” and tells the story of St. John Vianney, whose exemplary life was so remarkable that the Pope has named him the patron of this jubilee year, and will, at the close of the year, declare him the patron of all the priests of the world. The VIANNEY drama, starring actor and film director Leonardo Defilippis, will appropriately open next week on August 4, Vianney’s feast day, and the 150th anniversary of his death. We talk with Leonardo.
Here is a link to St. Luke Productions.

5:00 – Direct to my Desk

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  1. Happy Olsok!

    Today is from old tradition, "Olsok". In memory of St.Olaf, Norwegian king and martyr. Died, Battle of Stiklestad, in 1030 July 29. He brought the light and the church, to Norway, and therefore we celebrate with "baal"/bonfire.

    More information, about Viking-saint,s, please see my blog.