Friday, July 17, 2009

Pope Breaks Wrist While on Vacation

A Vatican statement said the 82-year-old Holy Father fell in his room in a nearby chalet overnight and despite the accident, celebrated Mass and had breakfast before going to the hospital. Of course our prayers are wiht Pope Benedict for his quick recovery.


  1. Al, I am sick of all this debate from the right and left when there is no right and left there is only poor sight.
    An idea came as I was doing my insurance billing this morning, which by the way I can tell you first hand that greed is rampant and those who suffer most are the poor and single mothers. I have to make calls to doctors to get the people who see me for psych reasons get in sooner for medical help. Insurances will fight every bit of the way so as not to pay to soon or not at all. I am disgusted.
    The idea. Why not get the Bishops and all the influential Catholics together and start a universal healthcare system based on ability to pay and collections each Sunday can subsidize this.
    I do not want to hear any Doubting Thomases.

  2. We don't have to worry about free speech. We as Catholics only have to act and be in communion to develop a healthcare system that ensures everyone if they want or need the security of healthcare coverage.
    Christ healed first and then He taught. Let's not continue to be conformed to the limitations of thought in this world.
    Padre Pio did it and why can't tens of millions of Catholics do it? The only thing that would prevent it from working is being conformed in the limiting beliefs of this world.
    This gift of radio and tv can unite in this one cause and really exhibit what evangelism is. Let's stop all of the pilgrimages to where Our Lord was and bring Him here in the pilgrimage of healthcare.