Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Michigan Abortion Clinics Shut Down for Good

Citizens for a Pro-life Society run by Dr. Monica Miller was at the heart of a 21 month-long effort to bring legal action against the Womans Choice Abortion Clinics located in Lansing and Saginaw, Michigan. And our hardcore pro-life activism works! THESE ABORTIONS MILLS ARE SHUT DOWN!

On Nov. 21st in a hearing before Judge Calvin Osterhaven of Eaton County, Richard Remund, owner of the Womans Choice clinics entered into an agreement with the Michigan Attorney General to dissolve his clinics. Moreover, Remund is forever barred from being part of any incorporation of a Michigan medical facility. On Nov.7, Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schutte, brought a motion against Womans Choice clinics, citing the clinics for illegal incorporation.

Watch the interview with Monica below.

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