Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama-administration apologist admits problem with Catholic voters

Time columnist Amy Sullivan concedes that the Obama administration has a problem with Catholic voters, but argues that it was bad staff work--not a decision from the White House--that caused the difficulty.

When the Department of Health and Human Services terminated a grant to the US bishops' conference, because the bishops' program did not provide abortion and contraceptive services, the move was an unnecessary provocation, Sullivan says. Defending the administration's move nevertheless, she suggests that "partisanship," rather than a sincere concern about religious freedom, has motivated the public protests by Catholic bishops and their supporters. However, Sullivan concludes that "by bungling policy decisions and basic communications strategy, it has handed plenty of ammunition to its opponents."

Read her column "Is the Obama Administration ‘At War’ with Catholics?"


  1. Pardon me? This administration has been hand-picked by the abortion promoter in charge in the oval office! His toadies are carrying out the boss's instructions! Including Sullivan.

  2. And error in getting the message out? This administration? Give me a break!!! They know exactly what they are doing! They just don't care, IMHO.