Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - October 30, 2013

Talking About the Things That Matter Most on Oct. 30

4:00 – Kresta Comments

5:00 – The Obamacare Debacle and How We Can Still Serve the Least Among Us
Kathleen Sebelius was on Capitol Hill today testifying about the horrendous roll-out of Obamacare, the health insurance marketplace, and the future of the legislation. Paul Propson, Executive Director of Covenant Community Care, knows these issues well and is here to answer questions like; wop is going to benefit from the changes in the health insurance marketplace?; How is employer sponsored coverage being affected?; Who currently is eligible for Medicaid and who will be eligible in the future?;Will Medicare recipients be affected by these changes

5:40 – “Marriage Isn’t Easy, But It’s Beautiful,” Says Pope Francis
Pope Francis addressed the meeting of the Pontifical Council of the Family this past weekend. In part, he said “The Catholic Church must help young people understand that marriage isn’t always easy, but it is so beautiful.” Dr Greg Popcak is here to look at the habits couples need to establish in the early years of marriage to create a firm foundation for lasting love.  We talk about what makes Catholic marriage unique and why God wants each couples marriage to be the greatest love story ever told. 


  1. What does the voice say at the beginning of the Kresta in the Afternoon intro, when he begins talking about the election of Pope Francis (just before "Habemus Papam")? To me, it sounds something like "This focus wide as we know, have a new pope" (but I know that isn't right). I have heard this many times in the show intro, but I still can't make out the actual words, and I would love to know what he is actually saying.

    I know that my question is not relevant to this one particular blog post, but I would appreciate it if someone can reply with the actual words, just so that it will stop bugging me every time I listen to the show. :-)

  2. Paul, the words are "The smoke is white - We have a new Pope" Now you can listen in peace. :)
    - Nick

  3. Many thanks! Now that I know what it says, I can hear it that way. As you say, now I can listen in peace. :-)