Monday, October 21, 2013

Abortionist Kills Disabled Babies as Old as 37 Weeks if They Won’t Have “Productive Lives”

by Dave Andrusko | Washington, DC | | 10/20/13 3:30 PM

Ask yourself why would an Irish publication call one of the four American abortionists who will openly abort after 30 weeks? In this case it’s the Irish Independent’s Caitriona Palmer who phoned Susan Robinson, whose late abortion clinic is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There are two obvious answers. We have written several times about the documentary “After Tiller,” in which (a) Robinson (left) and three others are placed on a pedestal for aborting huge babies, and (b) abortionist George Tiller, killed in 2009, is glorified as one of the pioneers of this grisly trade.
Tomorrow “After Tiller” will be shown at the Irish Film Institute. Perfect timing.

Another reason may be that Ireland’s once firmly pro-life law on abortion has been breached. (Not surprisingly, this was made possible largely by a lie. See “Savita Halappanavar Died Due to Litany of Failures, Health Information and Quality Authority Report Confirms.”)

There is currently an effort to include more grounds for abortion and anyone who has followed abortion “reform” knows when pro-abortionists sense weakness, they push to remove one “impediment” after another until they have attained abortion on demand. That Robinson “scoffs” at that possibility hardly comes as a shock.

Whatever the combination of reasons, every time Robinson gives an interview, she undercuts the rationales and rationalizations that are presented as justifications to abort babies who have long since passed the point of viability.

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