Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why I’m Scared

I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I wonder why. One of the reasons is simple: I have had some personal and family issues to deal with. They have occupied my mind and my time. I’ve also been working hard to finish Slubgrip Instructs – the sequel to The Gargoyle Code . But today I realize that there is another reason. Maybe I should give up reading hysterical Facebook stuff, but the temperature is rising in the culture wars, and I’m scared.

This week we’ve seen homosexual protesters screaming and shouting abuse at a Catholic Mass. At this Mass, celebrated by Cardinal George, a homosexual protester used the Holy Eucharist as a political tool to holler out his rage at the Catholic Church. You can read about it here. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi publicly ridicules Fr Frank Pavone, calling his open letter stupid, hysterical and dismisses it as irrelevant. Meanwhile in Texas a group of pro abortion citizens, seeing that a bill was about to pass limiting abortion, disrupt the legal, legislative process with screaming, anger and rage and thus keep the bill from passing. Read about it here. Then, this morning we learn that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and homosexual ‘marriage’ in California cannot be challenged by the people.

The reason I’m scared is that the powers of the mass media and the state are lining up with the powers of the Culture of Death. The homosexualists and those who back abortion and a huge proportion of the American population who support their views are joined by an even larger proportion of the American population who are indifferent and who perceive liberty as letting everybody do whatever they want.

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  1. The ache in my heart just isn't going to go away. I'm so glad my parents didn't live to see this. Our world has turned upon itself.

  2. Oh for God's sake, I'm sure your parents knew some gay people or at least of the existence of gays, unless they were completely uneducated (ancient Greek civilization was quite open about it). I can't understand this obsession with gays. It's not a big deal. Gays are about 4 percent of the population. Let them have civil marriages and everyone will be better off. Catholics are like children on this topic. To date, gays have been marrying in Canada for ten years, and guess what, nobody cares! It's no big deal.

    1. Better to be a child of God than a damned tool.