Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pedophile Becomes Father Through Surrogacy

by Wesley Smith
The international surrogacy industry is rife with the potential for abuse and neglect of children. It never occurred to me that it could be used as a means of obtaining children by a pedophile. But if this story is accurate, that seems to be what happened in Israel. From
A sex offender convicted of sex crimes against young children who were under his supervision took advantage of a legal loophole and became the father of a girl through an overseas surrogacy arrangement. An inquiry launched by the NGO showed the man had a criminal conviction for sexually abusing children who were given to his auspices, some repeatedly. He served a year and a half jail term and was categorized as a pedophile by the authorities.
The NCC notified the welfare authorities, the educational institution where the daughter, four, is enrolled, as well as police. “We learned that none of the bodies was aware the man was a pedophile who is raising a surrogate daughter on his own,” Kadman said. They also learned there was no legal possibility to take the girl from the father, as the surrogacy procedures were intact. However, the father’s relationship with his daughter is being carefully monitored by the welfare authorities, and he was made to attend special psychological guidance.
Yikes! Apologists for virtually unregulated surrogacy point to happy parents. But there is a dark underside that needs greater light cast upon it. And so many children out there begging to be adopted!

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