Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - April 3, 2013

Talking About the Things That Matter Most on April 3
4:00 – Winning the Discipline Debates: Dr. Ray Coaches Parents to Make Discipline Less Frequent, Less Frustrating, and More Consistent
Dr. Ray Guarendi is here to look at the most common (and most frustrating) discipline scenarios between parents and kids. Some of the debates we cover: A child who is wide awake and a mom who just wants to get some sleep A grandmother who interferes with a dad's discipline—and a child who suffers because of it Parents who argue in front of their kids—a lose/lose situation A mom who struggles to enforce the consequences she's decided upon Two siblings who are fighting and a mom who tries to sort things out. From preschool to the late teen years, Dr. Ray coaches parents on how to make discipline less wordy, less frequent, less frustrating—and more definite. 

5:00 Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became Our State Religion
Many Christians feel that they are being opposed at every turn by what seems to be a well-orchestrated political and cultural campaign to de-Christianize every aspect of Western culture. They are right, and it goes even further back than the Obama Administration. Benjamin Wiker is here to argue that it is liberals who seek to establish an official state religion: one of unbelief. Wiker reveals that it was never the intention of the Founders to drive religion out of the public square with the First Amendment, but secularists have deliberately misinterpreted the establishment clause to serve their own ends: the de-Christianization of Western civilization. But he also says what was done can be undone. Ben makes his case.

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