Monday, April 22, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - April 22, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Apr. 22

4:00 – Kresta Comments

4:20 – Boy Scouts Resolution Caves To Outside Pressures
The Boy Scouts of America’s executive committee has made a proposal that the BSA would no longer deny membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation but would maintain its ban on openly gay adult leaders. The proposal is expected to be presented to the Boy Scouts' voting members at its May meeting in Dallas. If the policy is approved, it will take effect January 1. The proposed resolution also continues to leave scouting units who decline to allow open homosexuality vulnerable to attacks by lawsuits and runs of the principles and convictions of most of the major faith denominations comprising 70 percent of the chartering partner units in Scouting. We talk to John Stemberger, Eagle Scout and Founder of

4:40 – Black Church Leads Effort to Picket the NAACP
Levon Yuille, Pastor of the Ypsilanti Bible Church and National Director of the National Black Pro-Life Congress. He has said, “I’ve been grappling with the fact that the NAACP is in bed with the very organization that has brought black genocide to our community.” He joins us to share his plans for the NAACP annual convention coming to Detroit.

5:00 – Muslim Ties to Boston Bombing Continue to Grow and Grow
Last week in the U.S., Europe, and the Caucasus, people are asking how the terrorists got to Europe and then into the United States. Why didn't they have problems when moving into these countries, while ordinary citizens encounter enormous problems trying to enter these countries even on tourist visas. Just a week before the infamous acts of terrorism in Boston, Robert Spencer began to study the way in which a hypothetical terrorist could conceivably enter legally into the United States. He says he is not arguing that this happened in the case of the Boston Bombers, but it is a fact that this route is accessible to terrorists. And it does not require any special knowledge or financial costs. Robert joins us to look at all of the latest in the terrorist ties.


  1. Remember the Church does not teach that gays must remain in the closet or in hiding. I don't why Catholics can't support this change of policy. Same sex attraction is a not in itself a sin.

    1. I find this reaction really strange. The HUGE outcry of the secular as well as those in the Church over the scandals which occurred in the priesthood were mostly done by homosexuals. Where is the outrage over what is going on in scouting, boys and girls? What would it take for older boys who are homosexuals to molest younger boys? You don't need homosexual leaders when you have already allowed the boys themselves who are such to enter this all male group. We as a society must continue to decry this abnormality and not promote or allow it to go on in same sex groups. Where is the good sense in people who promote this kind of thing? If people really care about the welfare of others, they will not support this in scouting. I would not allow my sons to enter such groups. Hatred is not even the issue. Common sense and good morals are needed here.

    2. Your idea of prudence would drive gays back into the closet to live in fear. You obviously don't think that young gay men can have "good morals" -- this is NOT what the Church teaches on homosexuality.

    3. I listened to Al's interview on this yesterday, and I must say that I agree with the poster. It sounded as if Al and his guest both believe that every young gay man is a sexual predator, waiting like a spider to pounce on the innocent. It wasn't Al's finest hour. And his guest was over the top in his irrational fears.