Friday, June 29, 2012

Today's SCOTUS Decision Dooms Obama's Reelection

Yes, Obama and the Democrats are entitled to a bit of a victory lap today, after Chief Justice Roberts searched deeply within his political self and found a path to uphold ObamaCare. Sure, the individual mandate was unconstitutional on the two arguments made by the Obama Administration. But, on the argument they expressly didn't make--that the mandate was really a tax--the Court decided that Congress was well within its power to enact the provision. So, its still the law of the land. But, today's ruling will probably go down in history as the most effective GOP voter turnout operation ever. There is only one way to repeal ObamaCare and that is through the ballot box. It will happen. During the debates over ObamaCare, the President and Democrats strained themselves to argue that the individual mandate wasn't a tax. Obama himself had campaigned on a promise to never raise taxes on any families earning less than $250,000 a year. Today, the Court called the mandate for what it is...a tax. In doing so, it acknowledged that, not only did Obama break his campaign promise, but he and his leftist allies have ushered in the largest tax hike in history. They will go with that record into the voting booth in November.
From a nakedly partisan viewpoint, today's ruling is the best case scenario for the GOP. ObamaCare is still deeply unpopular and now the only way to undo it is to sweep Obama and dozens of Democrats out of office. The GOP base will speed up its rallying to Romney, because it is their only chance to repeal this monstrosity. Independents, who have been peppered with silly social issue memes from the media, will put all of that aside to ensure that ObamaCare is repealed.
Many of my colleagues are understandably upset with Chief Justice Roberts. But, he may have pulled off the ultimate Jedi Knight mind trick. He upheld the law by framing it as a tax, which runs counter to Obama's campaign promises. His opinion even provides a legal basis to restrain future federal power grabs. Moreover, he has ensured that the only way to appeal the law is to prevail, across the board, in November. That was ultimately always the case. But that awareness was implied. Now it is explicit. We have to run the tables in November to have any hope of maintaining our liberty. There is great clarity in knowing the stakes of a fight. Thanks to today's ruling, we have that now.
Patriots around the country will now realize that there is no cavalry on the horizon. If we want to preserve our liberties, we will have to fight for it. Patriots and Independents now have a singular reason to show up at the polls in November. This focus will doom Obama's reelection campaign.
Today, I donated to a congressional candidate who is committed to repealing ObamaCare. What did you do?

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