Tuesday, June 26, 2012

American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI

This anti-Christian violence in Dearborn is bad enough. To make matters worse, the Dearborn police say that they don't have the manpower to escort the Christian group through the crowd safely, therefore they must leave the festival. But when the Christian group leaves, somehow the police department comes up with at least a dozen police officers who are available to pull the Christian group's van over in a traffic stop.


  1. Proof that the Cops in Dearborn are cowards! They remind me of Barack Obama... Don't do the Right Thing, do the popular thing!

  2. Since when did America become a Muslim preferred country??

    This is a country where ALL Religions have a place of respect, with none being considered as having more rights than any of the others.

    The Dearborn Police Department needs to re-read our Constitution and then........gain the stones to stand up to those narrow minded and hateful Muslims!! If they want to live in a Muslim based country, then they are free to leave America, and there's a plane with seats still available departing America just about every hour of the day and night.