Monday, June 25, 2012

Joe Biden & the Martyred Delaware Priest

News Radio WGMD

By Bill Colley
Folks, you’ll have to bear with me as I effort this story.

Sunday afternoon following Roman Catholic Mass at St. Jude the Apostle Church in Lewes, Delaware some acquaintances and friends told me the St. Jude Chapel may be forced to close. As near as I could gather the Pastor, Father Jim Hreha, explained to some members of his Parish he had been contacted by a “Representative” of government about the sound system in the neighboring and smaller St. Jude Chapel.

I’ve attended Mass and Adoration in Chapel and the size of the facility wouldn’t appear to require an expensive and elaborate sound system. Adoration is available in Chapel 24 hours daily during weekdays. It requires a major commitment from staff and members of Christ’s flock.

Can anyone please explain if a small house of worship is subject to the Americans With Disabilities Act and who is this “Representative” with such a keen interest in matters of faith?

On Memorial Day Sunday, Father Jim spoke against the Obamacare Mandate. During his homily he specifically cited President Obama and Vice President Biden for their attack on the First Amendment. Father Jim was especially poignant while explaining Mr. Biden, as a Catholic, is potentially bringing Grave Scandal to the Church (my choice of words in this case but I believe the meaning is the same).

Friends at one service tell me at least 3 liberals stood and then quickly left Mass while the homily was still in progress. A great many wealthy and politically connected liberals from Northern Delaware spend weekends and holidays at our local beaches. Apparently some find it objectionable when they hear what they perceive as a violation of the dogma of the state-run-church.

Perhaps this is where the war on Christians is going to be waged. Not at the top but from church-to-church.

Henry the Second railing against Thomas Becket is reported to have said something like this: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” As the assaults begin on Church property then how long before Becket is joined among the martyrs? I’m including a link below to St. Jude Parish. I’m sure any support is welcome.

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