Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today on Kresta in the Afternoon - February 14, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Feb. 14

4:00 - Debunking the “98% of Catholics Contracept” Argument
You have heard the argument from President Obama on Friday and it has been repeated ad nauseum since them. It’s a survey that supposedly indicates 98% of Catholic women use contraception. Lydia McGrew has done an excellent service by tracking down and reading the study behind these numbers. One big problem comes in the asterisk at the bottom of the “survey.” There we learn that the survey is: “Restricted to sexually active women who are not pregnant, post-partum, or trying to get pregnant.”

4:20 - Kresta Comments – Six MORE Things Everyone Should Know About the HHS Mandate

4:40 – Meet the Real St. Valentine
It's Valentine's Day! Dr. Matthew Bunson will introduce you to the REAL St. Valentine - You will be surprised at how much misinformation and urban legend exists surrounding the life of St. Valentine. (and there’s even more than one!)

5:00 – Ave Maria University Fights the HHS Mandate
The Obama HHS Mandate touches on many areas of life – including the University. Jim Towey of Ave Maria University is here to talk about how it would affect their institution and how they plan to fight.

5:20 – Kresta Comments – Six MORE Things Everyone Should Know About the HHS Mandate

5:40 – Why Do Celebrities Seem to Have More Substance Abuse Issues?
Whitney Houston's cause of death is still officially unknown, but many police sources are saying it was a mixture of multiple prescription drugs and alcohol. This raises the question of why celebrities have a higher rate of substance abuse. Michael Vasquez of the St. Gregory Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehab is here to answer that question.


  1. Here's another look at the Guttmacher Institute statistics. 40% of the "Catholic" women surveyed said they never or rarely attend Mass. Surprise!


  2. Al & Co:

    I would like to know if anyone can envision a scenario in which the Bishops lose the fight. A worst case situation. Can anyone imagine the USCCB declaring, "No. Your decree be damned. We will not cooperate with evil. If you try to levee fines against us, we will not pay them."

    Imagine the implications of such an event.


    1. Absolutely Jason. Multiple Bishops have stated quite bluntly that they cannot and will not comply. Cardinal Mahoney and Archbishop Vigneron have discussed "civil disobedience." They will not give in. Period. And praise God for that.

      - Nick

    2. And praise God for that? Are you saying that the bishops are not doing this of their own free will?

  3. Thank God for the bishops and their bravery! May they continue to be aided in their fight against the HHS mandate.
    As a young Catholic, I stand behind the bishops and agree that we will not comply.
    Peace and good.

  4. Re: Kresta Comments

    Al said: "On February 27, 2009, just a month after he was inaugurated, President Obama undid a Bush administration rule granting conscience rights to health care employees who refused to take part in abortions."

    Al didn't mention that Bush announced the conscience rule on December 18, 2008, one month before Obama became president. That's right. Good ol' George was president for 96 months, but he let 95 months go by before he announced the rule.

    Read this December 19, 2008 New York Times article to learn more about it.

    Note this paragraph from the article:
    "The Bush administration had signaled its intention to issue the measures, which are part of a flurry of regulations it is announcing before President-elect Barack Obama takes office. The new president will be able to undo the regulations, and is virtually certain to, given his previous comments on the issue. But undoing them will be a time-consuming process."

    Just keeping it fair and balanced. And praise God for that.

    1. I'm not necessarily a fan of Bush, but is it a bad thing that Bush enacted conscience protection in his 95th month? I'm not following.

    2. Yes, Sam, I think Bush did a bad thing.

      First, Bush knew that Obama would rescind the ruling in a few months. Obama said as much.

      Second, if a Walgreens employee refuses to sell contraceptives to a customer, then Walgreens has a right to fire that employee. I agree with provider conscience, but it goes both ways. A Catholic hospital has a conscience right to determine what kind of health insurance to provide its employees. And Walgreens has a conscience right to sell contraceptives to its customers with the expectation that the employees will do their job. Bush was telling Walgreens how to run its business.

  5. Al, I'd really like to see you interview Anne Henderschott on the Catholic Health Association's ties to pro-abortion politicians and their financial motivation to support this bill. Anne foresaw and tracked this in 2010

    I'd also like to see discussion of NC Register's recent:
    What Did CHA's Carol Keehan Know and When Did She Know It?

  6. We need to let our bishops know that we pray and support them! They are heroes!