Monday, February 13, 2012

Mitt Romney win in Michigan isn't sure thing, say 2 polls

(Detroit Free Press) WASHINGTON – Could Mitt Romney be in danger of losing Michigan? At least one poll says so.

American Research Group released a poll Monday showing Romney trailing former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania by a margin of 33% to 27%. 

That’s outside the poll’s 4-percentage-point margin of error, too.

There could be other bad news on the horizon for Romney as well: Public Policy Polling, another survey firm, said on its Twitter feed Monday morning that Santorum is leading Romney in every part of Michigan other than Oakland County – where Romney grew up.

As a native son, Romney has long been considered a shoo-in to win Michigan’s presidential primary on Feb. 28. A loss could threaten his standing as the perceived frontrunner to win the GOP nomination.

The Public Policy Polling survey has not yet been released, but the ARG poll showed Santorum and Romney leading the pack, with Newt Gingrich (21%)and Ron Paul (12%) trailing. 

Santorum leads Gingrich 42% to 24% among self-identified Republicans, with Romney at 18% and Paul at 11%. Among self-identified independents who plan to vote in the Republican primary, Romney leads with 48% to 15% for Paul, 13% for Gingrich and 11% for Santorum – but independents only make up slightly more than one-quarter of the ARG sample size of 600 likely primary voters. 

If the recent past is any indication, however, Romney may have time to turn the situation around. Following the South Carolina primary last month, he was trailing in the polls in Florida to Gingrich but still managed to win there.

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  1. Because of this, I just made my third donation to his campaign. I just don't trust Romeny on abortion and that is my #1 issue. This is distrupting our families, the fabric of our society and no one wants to look at that. We must stop saying no to life through abortion and contraception and yes to motherhood, fatherhood, families and the domestic church...our very foundation.