Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" for January 25, 2012

Talking about the "things that matter most" on January 25

4:00 – National School Choice Week: Vouchers, Charter Schools and More
In this National School Choice Week which will feature 400 events spanning all 50 states, parents are increasingly asking what they can do to bring additional educational options to their states — from school vouchers and tax credits to public school choice and public charter schools. Lisa Graham Keegan is a pioneer in the education reform movement who is widely recognized as one of the leaders who developed and expanded the concept of charter schooling and scholarship tax credits. She is here to discuss the future of school choice.

4:20 – Analyzing Last Night’s State of the Union Speech
By using his State of the Union speech to draw sharp contrasts with Republicans on such high-profile issues as taxes and the housing market, President Obama opened an election-year debate on the role of government that could be more intense than any in decades. Warning Congress that "I intend to fight obstruction with action," he painted a confrontational picture that is sure to last for the next 10 months. Paul Kengor is here to analyze the speech.

4:40 – Benjamin Franklin’s Thoughts on the “State of the Union”
Its Ben Franklin’s birthday month and with President Obama’s “state of the union” address last night, we thought it might be fun to hear Ben Franklin’s thoughts on the state of our union. In honor of the legendary statesman, inventor and author, Tom Fitzgerald has given new life to Franklin. He is here to discuss Franklin’s opinions on the economy, the state of American innovation, Franklin’s personal failings, and Franklin’s thoughts on leadership—which are particularly poignant going into the election.

5:40 – Direct to My Desk – Building a Catholic “Bucket List”
Bucket lists (i.e., lists of stuff you should oughtta wanna do before you kick the bucket) are hot these days. Recently on the pages of Our Sunday Visitor Mark Shea put together a bucket list of 10 things a Catholic should oughtta wanna do before he or she meets their Maker. We expand on his list and build our own list with your help.

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  1. Al, unfortunately I can't call in during this time period, but I just wanted to say I first heard about Sebelius' ultimatum from a facebook friends' link. Also, regarding the caller who predicted Obama would play hero in 6 months by claiming to have heard the voice of the people and nix the ultimatum - if he were to do that, it would be too late. To have even proposed this demand in the first place borders on madness and/or a simple attack on the Church. It reminds me of when Bush nominated Harriet Myers for the Supreme Court and citizens were mobilized and outraged, and by pulling teeth, they were able to induce Bush to nominate the adept Sam Alito. So Bush "changed his mind" too, but what good is a leader who needs to be taken by the hand? Whether Bush or Obama - they should be listening to the voice of the people beforehand, and not trying to slip wily power-moves past them in the first place.

    Thanks for your good work on this issue - your show has been most informative this week. :)