Friday, December 16, 2011

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - December 16, 2011

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Dec. 16

4:00 - A Survivor of Sexual Abuse Tackles the Penn State Sex Scandal
Earlier this year we talked to Teresa Pitt Green about her story of sexual abuse, forgiveness, reconciliation and healing. She returns today to discuss the Penn State sex scandal and what the alleged victims are facing. She gives a survivor’s perspective, one that focuses on healing and encouraging the victims to seek help and to not lose hope.

4:20 – Providing Spiritual Nourishment to Soldiers on the Front Lines This Christmas
This Christmas season, The Frontline Faith Project is delivering compact MP3 players preloaded with spiritual content, especially as it pertains to military service, to members of our armed forces currently deployed or returning from deployment, with special emphasis on injured troops and troops stationed in overseas. The FRONTLINE FAITH Players include an audio rendition of the Mass (Provided By EWTN); various homilies; prayers just for those serving, including a recitation of the Rosary; Christian music; prayers from children; and testimonies from soldiers about the struggles and victories of their faith journeys. We talk with the founder of the project, Cheri Lomonte.

4:40 – Kresta Comments - Two-Part Television Miniseries Set To Air on “Pope Joan: The Incredible Legend of the Only Female Pope”
Beginning Monday, REELZ channel will be airing a two-part miniseries “Pope Joan.” They describe it as “a sweeping historical drama about a woman whose existence has been denied for a thousand years. Pope Joan is the story of a controversial figure of historical record who disguised herself as a man and rose to rule the Catholic Church in the 9th century as the first and only woman to sit on the throne of St. Peter.” Al responds.

5:00 – A First-Person Interview with St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas was born into wealth, became Governor or Myra, was an attorney and ended up a Bishop, persecuted by Diocletian, and became one of Christianity’s most beloved saints. We talk to St. Nicholas about his life, his ministry, and how he became universally known as Santa Claus.

5:40 – “War Horse” and “Wicked”
“War Horse,” the highly-anticipated film by Steven Spielberg hits theaters on Christmas Day. Nick Thomm attended the junket for the movie and has clips from interviews with the cast and filmmakers as well as his review. We also look the traveling Broadway production of “Wicked” that is sweeping the nation.

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